Horrible video from AK that you've got to see!


This might be a little mean, but I watched it and I nearly wet myself:laugh:

Am I a bad person?



This is why I hate You Tube! Watch one video and next thing you know, it’s 4 hours later and you’ve watched between 50 and 100 videos.

YouTube - When Disney Goes Wrong

It goes south at 33 seconds.


I’m hoping he just sat on a melting Mickey bar! :pinch:


That’s exactly what I was thinking!! Really, where is there that much poop at AK that a guest can sit on. He must have been visiting the elephant in the Safari!!


Oh yikes, I always wondered if there were any mess ups in the performances, that was a big one. Poor guy looks like he hurt himself though.

The crap on the pants thing, yea, I could totally see something like that happening to me. I am sure he sat in something and never realized it.


Uh…that didn’t look like chocolate. Poor guy must have had an accident while in the men’s room. If it was what it looked like, then a sure fire test would have been to stand near him. And if you notice, people are backing away.


Oh gosh, ddoll, I didn’t notice the people backing away part. You are right. :frown: Even worse then.


Is it me? Why in the world wouldn’t anyone tell him about his problem so he could take care of it. Maybe I’m too sensitive, but instead of video taping him, someone should have helped him.


Oh no, that was sad.

and the next one, wow that guy hurt himself. I feel bad for all of them


It’s bad enough that somebody filmed the poor guy but nobody even tried to tell him


:frown: Poor man and even worse what has happened to our compassion, no one told him?


Well we don’t know that nobody told him. He could well have been aware all along. He clearly was leaving the park and we don’t know how bad the mess was before the person started taping him. We only know what it looks like, not how fast he discovered and left the park to deal with it. He sure seemed to be by himself.
If it wasn’t for the music it wouldn’t have been funny.


Did you notice there is no one with him. Thats because he smells like Pooh and I don’t mean Winnie…


I laughed…know I should not have ,but did. I also would have politely told him had I seen him in the park rather than have people making fun of him.


i can’t watch at work as they have You-Tube blocked, but i know i would have laughed. How do you polietly tell someone they dropped a deuce in their pants in a place like Disney?

“psssst… Sir you seem to have…uh… <point…point>”.


Bwaahaha!! I’m sorry, I’m wrong, I laughed. Well at the first one, I was just grossed out. Reminds me of the time when I was 16 and I worked at Hardees, and an old man was standing there looking at the menu, pee’d himself, realized what he’d done and said “G** D****t I did it again!” and he walked out. Makes me glad I don’t go to AK often. I had to watch the 2nd video twice to catch it, but I laughed. I’m one of those meanies who gets a small kick out of peple falling.


This is a crappy thread.


You’re just angry that you didn’t see it first.


I wonder what kind of person sees this and thinks, ‘wow, that would make a great YouTube video, I should record it asap!’. Scary World.


This is a crappy thread.

Hey… wait a minute… Doug… it isn’t Boss caught in the video is it? :laugh: