Horse-drawn carriage ride at FW?


Has anyone done the horse-drawn carriage ride at Fort Wilderness? We’ve never seen FW, we’re staying at the Contemporary & I’m thinking of doing this one of the evenings we’re there …


We did not do it last time but we almost did. We were at Mickey BBQ and when we came out we walked right up to the carriage. About that time the kids decided they wanted to go and play on the beach. It looked like fun, but we had to pass.


I’m just wondering how long it takes to get to FW from Contemporary (by boat? yes?) … and if this is worth it or not. My 7 yr old is a horse FREAK! lol


10 - 15 minutes. Then a 5 minute walk.

While on the boat you get to go by the old Discovery Island. Here is a cool picture of Discovery Island from the beach at FW. The Contemporary would be just behind Discovery Island and to the left.


We did the hayride thing - a horse pulling a flat bed trailer type thing (not a carriage) because there were 5 of us. It was really neat to ride around FW and DS got to ride up with the “cowboy” :biggrin:


interesting. I don’t see that anywhere … :huh: how much was it?

I went ahead & booked the 5 of us on the carriage. We got away with it because our 12 yr old is “adult” status, I guess. For those wondering, the carriage will only take 3 adults and 2 kids max, not 2 adults, 3 kids. Go figure. :confused:


I did the carraige ride with my kids and they loved it. We did it at POR because we were staying there, but I am sure it is just as lovely to do it at FW. Besides, its just $35 for 4 people, you can’t beat that.