Horseback riding at FW?


Do they still offer horseback riding at Fort Wilderness campground? My DD wants to go next year,cause she will be 9,and wants to know if anyone has ever done this and how it is.


Hey Mousemom,

Yes, they still have horseback riding at Fort Wilderness. During warm months, I would recommend you go out on the first ride in the morning–8:30; better chance of seeing deer and other wildlife, plus it’s not as hot as the later rides. The guided trip takes about 45 minutes. We enjoy it, it’s so peaceful!


Second belle920 in the first ride session part. It is always the best ride of the day as the ponies are not worn out from a day of work.


Mousemom, if I can ride and enjoy it, anyone can. :laugh: I have never been on a horse, unlike my wife, and it was fun. The horses are so well trained that the only thing I had to do was keep Tom (my horse) from eating the weeds. We also strongly suggest the first ride because it is cool enough to enjoy and it allows you to still get to the parks early enough to beat some of the crowds.