Hot Florida weather--How do you deal?


Well, I just checked the weather for the next week for our trip and for Friday it showed a RED thermometer with a heat warning!! :nuke: :ohmy: :eek: :eek: :eek: :pinch:

So my question to you is — How do you deal with the weather?


Well, remember what Bluto Blutarski taught us in ‘Animal House’ - “My advice is to drink heavily.”


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I didn’t deal well, let me tell you.

But, go to the parks early, keep hydrated, take advantage of every air conditioned ride/attraction you can, and take afternoon breaks.


It has been a hot summer at WDW. The heat was definitely more intense on my trip this August than last year.

I have found the number one thing that helps me in addition to the obvious things like sunscreen and staying hydrated is to wear a hat. I have a tendency to get headaches from too much sun and I knew I would be in trouble in WDW so I wore a hat everyday this trip and it really, really helped.

On our hottest day, I wore a hat along with one of my roommates but my other roommate did not and she was not a fun traveling companion by mid-afternoon. It is annoying that I have this little white hat on in all the pictures, but at least I wasn’t miserable and headachey!


If you make a touring plan, incorporate air conditioned attractions sprinkled through. What ever you do, don’t pool hop. j/k

I would plan on down time by the pool or in the room to cool down. And drink a lot all through the day.


We had a hot visit last month! But we just drank a ton of water, went to the parks early and went back to rest mid-day (actually, this didn’t work as well as I thought. We got too caught up in what we were doing, but we tried!:blush: ) When we were at the parks, we tried to go indoors as much as possible- it made a difference to look around an air- conditioned shop for 15 minutes! It was tolerable and we would do it again!!


We dealt with it this summer. It was extremely hot. We took it slow. Popped into the A/C as often as could. We drank lots of water. We got lots of fast passes to avoid standing out in the heat. We made a point of returning to our room about 1:00 each day to relax in A/C, go to pool,etc. We survived. BUT… the heat is the reason I am waiting until Dec. 08 for our next trip!


All of the above.

Hat is a big priority for me, as you can see, big in more than one way. The boys have bucket hats they wouldn’t think of wearing elsewhere but are required packing for disney. They don’t always have them in but they’re always on hand.

And we aim for a drink evey hour, may not be a big drink but keeping it in mind all the time is the important part. (the odd one is a beer:laugh: , but keep that to a minimum in the heat) If a headache starts - DRINK MORE!


We each had athletic wristbands on, and kept them wet with cold water. I know it sounds corny, but it has something to do with your blood vessels being close to the cold wristbands, cooling your internal temperature down. All I know is that it works. Also, we would take disney washclothes, wet them down, and put them around the back of your neck. If you need cold water, the water foutains with the white square base are the coldest.


Thanks everyone for the great advice!!! We usually are pretty good about drinking lots of water there and we usually take breaks every day.


We had horrible hot weather while there around labor day. I dealt with it by touring in the early mornings, breaking at noon or so and coming back out after or around dinner time. We missed the hottest parts of the day that way and were fortunate enough to miss the rain that came through every day around the 3pm area. You have to take it slow, take breaks and drink WATER. Be mindful of the sun too. I didn’t need sunblock the entire trip, but saw many people walking around with terrible sun burn. Had I been in the pakrs when the sun was at it’s worse, I would have been bathing in sunblock. I didn’t get one single sun burn, but I did get a nice tan…lol I think the tanning at hollywood tans helped me in that department…lol


When walking up and down Main St USA, I always go through the shops (this also worked well for the downpours during the August PPP I went to). I go on Pirates alot and HM…because of their shaded a/c queues…I also go on Philharmagic.

At MGM, I did ToT a few times in a row…and RnRC (if you don’t want to go on the rides you can hang out in the shop for a break or watch the funny ride photos). I windowed shopped on the inside of lots of stores and collected my pressed pennies.

At AK…I suffered…there’s not much AC there…but there is a spot near the safari …it looks like a bunch of benches where I think they do little educational ‘lessons’. It’s in the shade and there are a few fans. I hung out there on a break and timed it right to watch the parade.

At Epcot…Innovations is a great spot. I also used it as a cut through to get to the east and west sides of future world. In WS…I window shop…ride Maelstrom alot…go to the museum in China (they have replicas of the terra cotta warriors…very cool)…I don’t go the movies because I remember being bored to death with them as a kid…I also take a nice long break at American Adventure…(Hall of Presidents at MK is good for this…and a snooze…as well)


Wear loose good none cotton clothes and drink fluids.


I’m a Floridian. I don’t know how people deal with weather under 70. Once it hits low to mid 70’s it’s too cold outside for me. Indoors, however, I do enjoy a 68 degree room.


By one of the fans with water before you go. They cost a lot in the parks but really do keep you cool. A cool mist is awesome!


We ended up doing a lot of indoor attractions, I even got DH to go on Its A Small World several times. If you are lucky enough to get a room with a freezer, freeze half a water bottle full of water and add cold water on top of that. Keeps it cooler longer. We also got a sprayer at WalMart before I go, just make sure you don’t annoy the people around you and spray them (never happened to use I had people come up and ask me to spray them). One of the best things we did is after a long hot day we would swim in the pool. I think we were in the pool every day we were there. Just remember sunblock, don’t want a burn and to drink water, don’t want to pass out from heat exhausion. If you start not feeling too good don’t try to be tough and stick it out, go sit down take a break and get a drink.


I agree 100%…humidity yhat is…:laugh:


That is also what we did 2 weeks ago…It was in the 90’s and very humid.


Thanks for all the suggestions! I will keep them all in mind!!