Hot hot hot


Been here for 2 days and having a great time. It is hotter than expected and the crowds are large. W-F fest still good. Going to mnsshp tomarrow night. Grand Floridian treating us great. Magic bands are OK I guess.


I was wondering if crowds would calm down the following week of when we were there. Guess not. Sounds like they are still thick. Have a great time!


…have fun!


Have fun!:heart:


My daughter


What a sweet picture!


Awwww…that’s a great picture!!! Love it!


Aww! So cute!:happy:


what a doll


At Hollywood Studios today, we got in 20 min. before opening because of adds for breakfast. As we we standing at the H-V they let people in and about 200 people ran very fast and a few fallen to get fast passes. They almost killed each other. Another picture of my daughter. Oh yes hot and humid and crowded.


Holly…who is this character? I don’t have kids at home, so I get behind on the TV characters… I’m glad you were out of the way of the stampede!!


Holly, your daughter is adorable.

I just got home late last night and it was hot, hot, hot the whole time we were there.


The yellow guy is special agent OSO. He is part of the Disney Jr. show. H-S was crowded, and MNSSHP was almost sold out. Liberty Tree is still good. Need rest now