Hot, Quick and Fun


Our trip went by so quickly, but we really had a good time. Left wanting more, which is exactly the way you should leave a Disney vacation. It was in many ways a challenge for us, because we are usually so regimented and crazy on our trips. This time we decided to just go with the flow, and do the parks without racing around. I think the hardest part was accepting that there were just going to be things we wouldn’t get to this trip, and realize it was ok, since we knew we would be back again in 2014.

I regret that I have a rather mundane collection of hodge podge photos, part of taking it easy this trip also meant keeping my camera in my backpack, and resisting the urge to photograph everything.

But I do have some photos I will share, including those of the room, which was one of the royal rooms at PO Riverside.


Even the air conditioning unit got the royal treatment!


It is no secret that Animal Kingdom is my favorite park. Our usual tour of the parks always starts with Magic Kingdom, but after a quick check of the crowds, we decided to go to Animal Kingdom instead. It proved to be a good move, even though it was quite hot, the crowds were quite manageable and we were able to walk onto the safari, 3 times. We rode Kali until the park closed, I believe a total of 4 times.

We saw many babies. A baby gorilla, two baby elephants and one baby rhino! We heard about the new Zebra habitat that will be in place soon, and we actually did see a group of zebras when we returned on Wednesday. We had some of the best safari rides that we have ever had. Since the baby rhino is new to the exhibit, the drivers said they were not allowed to stop for the baby, and they were not allowed to separate the baby from the mother. However, it seemed each time we rode, another group of animals blocked the road, and it allowed us to have prime viewing of the baby and its mother. :smile:


So cute! I felt like we were getting away with something each time we were able to photograph the baby.


Baby elephants and the baby gorilla.:heart:


OK - haven’t read the report yet - but gotta tell ya LMS - that’s one heck of a provocative title.:happy:

OK - back - baby rhino - awwww! Baby elephant - awww! Baby gorilla - awww!

LOVE the royal room! Continue.:closedeye


They are So adorable! Glad you got to see them :slight_smile: I can’t wait:)


The title got my attention immediately…lol Love those new Royal Rooms - thanks for the pic!


Hot, Quick and Fun…and lot’s of babies :blush:

Okay okay okay i’ll stop:laugh:. Looks like a fun trip so far.




Wow—you really got some great close pictures!! :smile:


Evidently the rhinos, elephants and gorillas are having some hot, quick fun.:blush:


lol…Ummmm----well—ummmm–yeah??? :laugh::laugh:


:blush::blush::blush:It would seem!


Hooray!!! I was so hoping that you’d post your pictures! Love the new Royal Rooms:smile: Is that first picture a headboard, or above the headboard? Really love all of the babies:wub: Such cute little faces. How nice that the other animals cooperated so that your safari car could stop and you could snap some great pics and spend some quality time with that baby rhino:heart:

Is there more??


Bahaha!! You know, my mind is usually in the gutter, so I am quite surprised I never even thought of the double entendre here. :ph34r:

Ok, I am still trying to wade through the photos, avoiding any that show me in a less than favorable light, of course.:whistling Because somewhere along the way, I have become old…:laugh::blush::laugh:

Did I mention the hot part of my title refers not only to the Florida temps, but also to my wonderful foray into menopause? Meaning, hot as in hot flash. :dry:

Pictures from the new Casey Jr. splash area, and views from the new Dumbo. We were pleasantly surprised with the waits, and we were very lucky to get a bonus fast pass for Dumbo when we got our fast passes for Winnie the Pooh.:smile:


I love the fact that man just walked right in front of me while I was taking pictures at Casey’s. People are so oblivious, in general, but especially at Disney. :slight_smile:


That’s what I nicknamed my girlfriends in high shool … Oh Wait, I was only thinking that… Didn’t mean to type it !!!:pirate:


“Wonderful foray”. LOL and UGH! Love that you went on Dumbo!!! You mean to say, you weren’t being artistic in your photo taking? You could title that pic “Alone is his oblivion”.


Ooooh Pep! How poetic!

You are looking FABULOUS Dahling! Nothing to wipe away the years (and cool down the hot flashes) like a spin on Dumbo!