Hot, Rainy, Fun.....and alot of mean CMs!


Can you handle another trip report?

I haven’t done a trip report for a couple of years now, but since we took over 600 pictures I wanted to share!

We left on Friday, September 14 - took the kids out of school for 6 days. We had been looking forward to this trip for a long time and were very excited!

We arrived at the Port Orleans Riverside by 2pm and were greeted by a most delightful CM named Cara. She checked us into our waterview room (we paid extra for this, mind you) and she told us privately that Cinderella would be sending a birthday card to my DD. Great!!

We mosey off to our “waterview” room and find that we have a great view.

Of the parking lot…the laundry room…and the pool.

This can’t be right!

So off we go, back to the front desk where we are greeted by the most Unjoyful Joy.

What a grouch!!

Us: Excuse me…we were supposed to have a waterview room and all we have in a view of the parking lot, laundry room and pool.
Joy: You can see the pool, can’t you?
Us (me actually): You didn’t really just say that did you?
Joy: Yes I did.
Us: I want to see your manager.
Joy: He’s busy.

At this point my DH compares the POR managers to the Wizard of Oz. Whenever front desk CMs have issues, have you noticed that they disappear into the back room and magically come out with answers?

So this is where Joy disappears into the back room and comes back with a new room number. Magic.

Okay, great….off we go again.

To a room……across the same pool.

Really? You have got to be kidding me.

So at this point it is already 3ish and I am already feeling angry.
We decide to dump our bags, go to the parks and deal with it later. Hopefully and nicer set of CMs will magically appear in the interim.


So off we go to Epcot!
We love Epcot.
He are the kids with the new/old Spaceship Earth.


I most certainly would love another TR!!

Especially from our very own invisible woman!!:heart:

Unjoyful Joy. :mad: :laugh:

Can’t wait for the rest.


I’m pulling MickeyMotto now…I have to leave for awhile.
I have lots more stories to tell though!


I didn’t know if I would like the naked ball (as the kids called it), but I did.
I hadn’t seen it like this before.


WEll, ok.:pinch:

I’ll be waiting.:glare:

Don’t feel like you have to rush back on my account.:crying:

Are you back yet?

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


YAY!! Another trip report!

I like it this way better…it reminds me of childhood vacations. DH on the other hand, likes it better with the wand. That’s the only way he had ever seen it. He actually pouted when he saw it in person without the hand and wand. :laugh:


Looking forward to seeing all 600 of your pictures:happy:

Sorry to hear about the Unjoyful Joy:frown:


Yeah! Another TR!! Can’t wait to read…


Awesome! I am looking forward to your report.


Looking forward to your TR! There are never too many! Spaceship Earth does look naked without the wand but I’m sure it will grow on me. Can’t wait to see some pics!


Need you ask? We’re ALWAYS ready for another TR. Sounds like it started out not so wonderfully magical. Hope things got better once you hit epcot!


naked ball…hee hee…hee hee. :laugh:

Okay, it’s official, I’ve turned into a second grader.:blush:


of course you need to write your report- especially since you have pics!!
We had the same desk attitude when we were there in Feb- I wonder if its the same person…


OoOoO Roxie, I can’t wait! I am so sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with 'Unjoyful Joy." Unfortunately, there seems to be a trend going on with some attitudey CMs. I know people have bad days, they don’t get paid NEARLY enough, but I am telling you it can’t be a coincidence that these encounters keep happening.

I am so glad you like the ‘naked’ version of Spaceship Earth, it’s my favorite. I guess 'cause that’s how I knew it originally it was always hard for me to adjust to the wand.

Can’t wait to see everything!


:laugh: We had a lot of those 2nd grade moments…they’re great fun!


Not really…I was very disappointed in Disney several times :sad:
But we did overall have a good time.


So we spend the rest of the afternoon and evening at Epcot. We rode Soarin’, Test Track, Figment, and for the first time….Mission Space.
I don’t do spinning rides so now that there is the Green side I thought I’d try it. It was fun! And cold.

Did I mention how incredibly hot it was in Florida last week? OMG it was miserable. So Mission Space felt really good!

We had a great time and ended our day with ADRs at Marrakesh. I had heard good things about this restaurant and DH wanted to try it. Okay.

Bleck. :blow: Hated it!

I should’ve known I wouldn’t like it when my ultra, super picky 13 year old loved it. That’s not a good sign. :laugh:

We had a great server though. We did the free dining and I was worried about the service. Only once did we have a crappy waiter.


Oh, and my 13 year old boy was very interested in the belly dancers this time. :laugh:


So we left the restaurant into the pouring rain. First night I had not even thought of packing the ponchos.

Lesson learned!

We get back to our viewtiful room at POR around 10:30 pm and DH says that he is going back to the front desk and get this taken care of.

Whatever….I’m tired and going to bed.

He comes back about an hour later after speaking to a different Kara. She was nice and told him she was sorry, she would take care of it. She said that when we woke up in the morning our message light would be flashing to tell us what room we would be moving to.

Hooray…Disney Magic….finally!