Hot Tub at POR


Has anyone stayed at POR this year? I was wondering if the hot tub area by the main pool had been finished. We stayed there in 2003 and the hot tub wasn’t working. When we went back in October of 2005 they were redoing that area. I assume they were puting in a new hot tub. Any one have any info on this?


Why would you be looking for a “Hot” tub in August? It’s going to be 9,000 degrees :cool:


You never know when you might have a 50 degree day in August down there.


HA!!! In my wildest dreams. :glare:


Yep, the hot tub is functioning and entirely inadequate in size for the resort.


Doesn’t matter what time of year it is. When your back hurts, the doctor says take a hot bath. I probably use my hot tub more in the summer than winter.


Oh man, we lived for that hot tub at the end of our days back in August 2003. I agree, entirely too small. :confused:

But, most guests were considerate of the size issue & didn’t take up residence therein.


Ditto…we saw it, never got in. It was always TOO cozy for me!


The hot tub was up and running this past week. I agree way to small for the resort size and had an awful smell. I have been in many hot tubs, but this one burned my nose. I know they test and all but something was not right with the chemicals.


I love to use the hot tub in the summer. Feels super on tired, park-weary legs and feet.