Hotel Glasses Yuck!


[B]Hope this doesn’t happen at and WDW resorts. Yuck!

The Hidden Truth Behind Hotel Drinking Glasses : DivineCaroline



THAT IS SICK!!! We bring our own drinks, water bottles, etc. BUT… I can’t say we have NEVER drank from a room glass. BUT… I can say we NEVER will again! Thanks for the link.


:blow: UGH!

So - now we can’t sit on bedspreads or drink from hotel glasses.:laugh: Check.

It’s pretty clear why so many people get sick on holidays, isn’t it?

The nice thing about DVC suites is that I can put the glasses in the dishwasher MYSELF. But who knows what the cleaning staff is doing?:ohmy:


You know sitting here thinking that we have no idea what kind of germs we are dealing with when we stay in hotels. Every area of that room has been touched in one way or another by someone. No way all the germs can be sanitized. The housekeeping staff is responsible for a lot of rooms… and lets face it… sanitizing is probably not the highest priority. They are cleaning for appearances. When you walk into the room… you want to see a clean looking room. Germs cannot be seen! OK… going to bring my lysol for the next trip…

DANA… add can of Lysol to the ultimate packing list please!!


That’s sick! We have used the hotel glasses but I don’t think I ever will again.


I didn’t click on the link and after the previous reactions I don’t think I’m gonna. I never use hotel room glasses though, I’ll only drink out of the plastic ones that come individually wrapped.


I shouldn’t have watched. :blow:


I can say with some confidence, that this does not happen most of the time at WDW. All of the maid carts are loaded with clean racks of glasses, and I have seen all dirty glasses go away and get replaced, at least at the deluxes.
Many hotels are switching or have already switched to plastic cups and I believe that the WDW values have as well. In all my years of travel, I can think of only a handful of times that I’ve gotten sick on the road, and the worst was when the whole band got food poisoning from a Kroger deli platter that the club provided us.


I will never use a glass in a hotel room again!!! :blow: :blow: :blow: That just blows my mind. We use to use the glasses a lot, but never again.

As always, thanks for the information.


We just got back from POR and had both glass and paper cups in our room.


As soon as I check into my room I like to lick all of the glasses & make sure to rub my toothbrush against the inside walls of the other glasses.



We KNEW you were a sick puppy. Now we have proof. :blow:


I couldn’t open it - what happened?




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Yikes! We had plastic at POP, but I’m sure I’ve drank out of glass ones at places before, but never again.

I agree, lysol and disposable cups for my next trip!