Hotel Help?


As of now Im currently booked at the Jolly Roger Hotel for my trip in August. Does anyone know anything about the Quality Inn and Suites off of Harbor Blvd? Which is closer? Is it a quick walk/easy access to get there once I arrive in Anaheim? Also, does anyone have any hotel suggestions as to what hotel would be good to stay at that wont cost me a thousand bucks that might be closer than the Jolly Roger?

And last (haha sorry), is the Jolly Roger close enough to walk, not a walk that makes you want to go back to the hotel once you get to Disneyland, but a nice brisk walk that takes maybe 10 minutes or less to get to Disneyland?

Its been a while since Ive been in that area of town (the last time I stayed down that way was back in 2006 when we stayed at a hotel that was 3 blocks away…and yes, we walked too.)

ANY help would be awesome!

To save some time, Ive checked out these hotels already and all have been too expensive: Camelot Inn, Tropicana Inn, Carousel Inn, Best Western Park Place, Park Vue Inn, Portofino, Desert Palm, Desert Inn and Suites.

Im paying about 98 a night for the Jolly Roger.



Have you tried HOJO for the Entertainment Rate? You can see what days it is available at their website. I am not familiar with Jolly Roger, we stayed at Park Vue in Feb and it was approx $700 for 7 nights.


Well the one we always stay at is the Ramada maingate. It’s a nice little hotel with an amazing pool!!! lol

We always walk and i don’t think its to far. Do you know where tony roma"s is??? Well this is right next door


hey if you find a hotel and your curious about distance try this map…