Hotel hopping


OK, trying to debate about going in May, & if we decide no, we’ll split time between AKL & WL. The question is has anyone ever split time between 2 different resorts during the same visit & how much of a hastle is it?
With a 3 & 4 year old, just hopping into a taxi is out.
Thanks for the advice!


I split between AKL and the polynesian last january. In my opinion, it was a hassle. I didn’t like packing up and moving and unpacking again. It just seemed annoying to me. I like setting up camp and being “home” for the time I am at WDW. I honestly don’t reccomend it, but many people on here have successfully done it and like to do that. It’s just not for me. I would think with little ones it would be even more a pain, but you are talking to someone who didn’t care for it. Maybe someone who did it and liked it can give you some tips and glowing remarks about it. No matter where you stay or don’t stay, you can always go back and stay at a bew resort each and every time. That’s half the fun for me. Picking a new place. :heart:


I’d consider it an even larger hassle if I was lugging little ones around.

I feel like once I get unpacked and find a place for all my stuff, I want it to stay there for a while.

That being said, we do pack up and move to Universal for the last few days of our longer summer trips and I plan accordingly. If it’s something you really want to do, then you look at it as an adventure instead of a hassle.


We have switched resorts during our last two stays, it was a bit of a pain but worth it to try two different resorts. Last summer we spent a week at WL and spent a lot of time at MK since it was closest. The second week we moved over to BCV and spent a lot of time at Epcot and MGM.


we sort of split time with two resorts during our wedding trip. we stayed at ASMo for most of the trip and on our wedding night we stayed at the GF. it was a hassle because it was our wedding day and having to check in at the GF and then check out to go back to ASMo. luckily, it was only for one day.


My last two trips to Disneyland I split but that was only because I couldn’t afford to be on-property the whole time. So both times we did 3 nights at our regular…Disney quality…Candy Cane Inn and then did 3 nights in Disneyland Hotel one time and Paradise Pier the other. But since it was just me (19) and my mom it’s no problem. I’d say with little ones it’d be easier just to stay put. But if you did decide to split it, you know Disney would be right there helping out any way they could to make your switch easy as can be :mickey:


We have split resorts a couple of times, and we find it to be a hassel. Once we check into a resort, who wants to have to pack up again and go some where else (unless you have no choice). Besides, that will give you another excuse to go back to sample other resorts.


I wouldn’t want to give up the hours it would take to pack, check out, load, travel, unload, recheck in… I always just felt that time could better be spent at Test Track!

That said, we have done it – mostly so we could stay in a really expensive hotel for a night, then go to something cheaper.