Hotel Hopping


With everyone here being so passionate about their favorite Disney Hotel/Resort, it inspired me to want to hotel hop on our next trip. I can’t wait to see all of them. What would be the easiest way to get from one to the other? Any time saving suggestions would be appreciated.


Okay,do the monorail resorts one day(GF,CR,Poly)and take the boat from the contemp to the WL. That takes care of MK resorts. Take the launch and go among the BC/YC,BW,Swan and Dolphin. That takes care of the Epcot resorts. I guess you could take the boat from Downtown Disney to check out POR,POFQ,SSR,and OKW. Any others I’m not sure of.


Mickaholic is right on target for hitting the major resorts. For the others, if you do not have a car to drive there, use DtD or a park as a hub and catch a bus to the resort, then catch the firts bus back out to a park or DtD again. Plan on about an hour turn arounf using the bus system doing this, but if you have time to kill, it works.


Yup - Mick said it. We’ve done it twice, now - first the monorail resorts, and then the Boat launch resorts.

Then, we went to the Boardwalk, and kinda walked around that whole resort area (Beach/Yacht/Boardwalk) - although, we did NOT explore the Beach/Yacht, it looked easy enough to do.

You’ll love it!


We try to get a look one of the other resort hotels ever time we stay. We have yet to go to the Beach club but this will def be on our plans for next trip. Last time we did AKL. Mick gave you the exact same tips that I would have done though so I can’t elaborate more really. It’s a great way to fill up a ‘lazy’ day.