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I am attempting to plan a tentative trip to WDW for August. I am going back n forth on the hotel choice. It mainly depends on how much we can manage to save up with my h’s sidework cash. I was layed-off from work in March so unemployment (as little as it is) goes towards household expenses.

My first choice…two nights at the Yacht & Beach Club. Probably not a good choice considering our finances but we will see. If we do this it definitely will be only two night.

Second choice…with WL or AKL. Less money than the Yacht Club. We have been to AKL several times so we know all about it. How is the WL ??? Beds comfy ?? How long is the ride to Epcot and AK ??? I really dont know if we could extend to three nights at the AAA rate. Depends on how much we can save.

Third choice…moderate resort. We can almost definitely do three nights if we stay here. We have stayed at all of them and really like POFQ. The one thing I dont like are the beds. They are uncomfortable and they are double beds. We are use to queen size and I really dont like the double. Both my h and son move around in their sleep so regardless who I share a bed with, I am getting arms/legs thrown about during the night. (the trundle is too smal for my son so even that wont help) .

I was considering the Coronado. It has been years since we stayed there. How are the beds there? Comfy ? I know they have queen size beds which I like. I am not thrilled with how big the resort is. I remember a hike to walk to the main bldg from the building we were staying in. I would love any reviews and info on the Coronado…everything from room condition, food court, bus transpotation, etc.

Any input on any of these resorts, especially Coronado, would be helpful



Why not stay at the Swan? It’s on Disney property, and you get most of the perks of being an on-site guest (no ME or room-charging privileges, though) for a fraction of the cost of a Disney-maintained deluxe resort. The Heavenly beds are to die for. The Swan has queen beds and the Dolphin has doubles. This resort would be a lot easier on your wallet and is in a better location than the moderates and AKL (neighbor of Yacht&Beach). You can walk or ride a boat to Epcot and DHS (Swan is slightly closer to the parks than the Dolphin). The resorts do lack hidden Mickeys, but there are still Disney gift shops and you can get a theme park view.

If you’re a teacher or a AAA member, you can get a great discount, too (also check the DISboards and AllEarsNet for their regular discount codes on the Swan and Dolphin).


Why not try renting DVC points from a member or perhaps save more money and stay value.


as Tinkerbelle24 said renting DVC points is a really good option and saves lots of money


I love the Wilderness Lodge.
Downside to Swolphin is you can’t book the dining plan and by extension, no free dining!


CSR is one of our favs! They recently upgraded the rooms to queen size pillow tops. I think it’s a good location to the parks, and the food court is GREAT!!

On the DDP my friend and I got steak with sides totaling $65 and it only used 1 CS each! What a deal!! :happy:

The pool was recently redone as well, and my DDs LOVE the water slide.

I don’t think CSR will disappoint you. I’ve NEVER had problems with the walk (I think the grounds are beautiful and a good way to unwind) and/or with convention crowds (they group them all together). We were there at Xmas time too, when crowds are at their highest.

Check out this link for all things CSR: