Hotel near Daytona


Ok we are stopping at Daytona USA on our way to WDW. I’m looking for a nice but inexpensive motel near I95, pretty close to Daytona. I know WDW isn’t but about an hour drive from there, and if we have to we will drive to 192 and find someplace for the night. But I was hoping someone knew of a nice place not far from Daytona.


Are you going to be there the weekend after Thanksgiving? There is the Turkey Run (car show etc…) that will be going on. (I only know b/c we will be there the 25-27 for it) The rooms are going to be a bit more $$ because its a special event. We are staying at a mom and pop type motel on the beach for around $99 a night…it’s normally around $30!!!


Yes we are going to go to the turkey run on Sat the 26th. We have never been before what is it like?


Its fun! There is so much to see…mostly we wander thru the Speedway looking for parts, but this year DH is bringing his redone 82 Olds to sell. At night the cars cruise down the beach strip and we just like to watch them all go by. The hotel we got is right by the beach just for that reason, lol.


I’ve only stayed in Daytona one time and that was at the plaza resort and spa (something like that) We didn’t want to spend that much this time. What places do you suggest. Will I still be able to get something at this late date. I don’t want to end up in an area that I shouldn’t. Any help is really appreciated. DH would also love to watch the cars cruise down the strip, I’m sure.


Well I just booked our rooms last night so I know there are still some rooms left:) This is where we will be … It looks very simple and low key(and just slightly from the 50’s lol) but it is right where the cruisers go, and having a ocean front room just didn’t hurt, lol. I also saw last night that the Travel Lodge about 6 miles south still had rooms for around $60, but DH really wanted to be “where the action is”

#7 This website has some more room info :slight_smile:


Thanks that’s were I’m at looking now they have all kinds of rooms, Which area do I want to be in South Atlantic Ave. or North?


I dont’ want to get a room and when I get there I’m in a bad area.


North Atlantic Ave is closer to the Speedway, that’s where we will be :slight_smile:


If you can, read some reviews on whichever hotel you are thinking about. I think Expedia has reviews…maybe :slight_smile: I know I changed my mind about the hotel we were going to be at because of bad reviews.


Ok thanks a lot.


Did you book your room at Daytona? I hope you found something good :slight_smile: