Hotel Royal Plaza


Just out of curiosity, has anyone stayed at the “Hotel Royal Plaza” in the WDW resort recently? We’re thinking about staying at it this year when we go… It’s on property, so we wouldn’t need to rent a car, plus Downtown Disney and (apparently) a supermarket is like a ten minute walk. Not bad.

Here’s the website address for those not familar…

Your thoughts/input would be helpful!


hmmm never seen that hotel (never been to WDW myself)

but Welcome to Disney Central! It’s great to have another Canadian here! :mickey:


I don’t know why, but I’ve never heard of it! It looks really nice, though!!


I haven’t ever stayed there but I did a lot of research on it when I first started looking at a WDW vacation.

I do know that it just re-opened this month. It had been closed and thouroughly refurbished after hurricaine damage in 2004, so if you are looking for recent reviews, they may be few and far between but they would be very current :cool: For what it’s worth, all the pre-closure reviews I read were great.

Mousesavers has a great deal right now. Here is the link


Erin our family stay to the royal plaza it is a coolest place i think i have information your needed go to they have info.


Awesome! Thanks for the link, that’s a huge help…

I think we’ll probably end up going for this one. It seems to be pretty decent, and I haven’t heard anything negative yet either…


You’re quite welcome :happy:

Let us know what you decide and fill us in when you get back! I’d love to hear about it :mickey: