Hotel Shuttle!


I need help!

What is the best way to get from LAX to the hotels surrounding Disneyland? My hotel does not provide any kind of shuttle service and I’m not sure what would be the best idea.


There is a shuttle that takes you out there.

But depending on how long you stay, you might consider a rental car.


Maybe a town-car pickup… depending on whether or not you need additional transportation during your stay… in that case you may want to rent a car.


Take the shuttle there are many available and they are reasonably priced.


The Disneyland Express is an option that is much cheaper as it’s a bus that drops off awhole bunch of people.

Another idea is to use the Supershuttle, but is only for about 8 people. (Van)


I gotta be honest, I’ve been happiest with a rental car. It also depends how long you are going to be there and if you plan on going anywhere else in Southern California. I’ve never taken that Super Shuttle or the Disneyland Express but from everything I’ve read they don’t run very often during the day and if you miss one you may be waiting for another hour or longer.

If you book with this “limo/towncar” company there is a 10% web discount.
Orange County Airport Limo - Southern California - LimoZip Network

This shuttle company can give you a private van OR you can book a shared van:
Where We Go


Unless you are staying at one of the three Disneyland Hotels, I don’t think you can use the Supershuttle? Could be wrong.


This is the website for the Disneyland Express:
Southern California Gray Line - Airport Information

Here’s the SuperShuttle link: | Los Angeles Arrival Transfer - To Anaheim and Buena Park Hotels, in Los Angeles, California


Thanks for the help. I really don’t need a rental car because we are staying for 3 and a half days and are only going to the Disneyland Resort.

Has anyone experienced any trouble with the Disneyland Express bus?


Also, I see that reservations are not required. What is a realistic wait time for a bus at the airport?


Super Shuttle transports people anywhere in the L.A./O.C area. :happy: