Hotel UpGrade


I have decided to upgrade my hotel from the Pop Century to the Port Orleans Resort Riverside. I simply love the southern atmosphere, I have a grand mother who is from the south and New Orleans Square is one of my favorite lands in Disneyland Park. It only ended up being 74.50 a night - a total of 838.00 for 10 nights. It seems like a fabulous resort and seems completely worth it as Im sure I will spend more time in my hotel room/hotel grounds than I think. Any thoughts? Cant wait!


Congrats on the upgrade! I think you’ll love it! What a great rate!!!


Great decision to upgrade. We also really enjoy the POR. One suggestion, if there is a location you would prefer at the resort call reservations and have it noted. The resort is spread out and you may end up with a long walk to the main bldg, bus depot, or pool. I dont know if that matters or not to you but when we book there we usually put in a building request and normally they are able to do it.


Are you looking at riverside, or french quarter? They are 2 different places, although they are right next to each other. Both are FABULOUS! You will not regret your decision- at all… the bus transportation is usually good from here too…


Awesome decision! You won’t regret it!


Congrats on the upgrade. I think you will enjoy the hotel. I prefer a moderate resort though there is nothing wrong with a value resort and often do the value stay to save on money when budget is tight. I think you made the right decision and enjoy!!!


That’s Terrific! Good for you! I am sure you will enjoy it!


Congrats on the upgrade! You have a wonderful rate. Is that from working at the Disney Store? If so I want to apply :laugh: my friends always say I should work there because it seems I only work to support my disney habit.
I’ve stayed there last year and it was a nice resort. My only conplaint was it was a long walk to the main building. I think it was building 28.


Riverside is a great resort…it’s an upgrade from POP for sure! POP is nice but a $74.00 a night rate at POR is too good to pass up. I think you’ll really like it,


Great choice, the POR and POFQ are our most favorite resorts to stay at, you’ll have a wonderful time…the grounds are beautiful…oh I can smell the Jasmine right now…:happy:


Yea, that rate is from working for Disney, I get 35-50% off a night at all WDW Resorts - how good is that? In this case Im getting 50% off each night at POR, looks like a fabulous hotel! As for the building wise, I will be sure to ask for a room that is closer to the bus stop/main building, I personally dont mind the extra walking but then again since I live in dryer weather out here in CA my body probably wont be use to the wet muggy weather I will have when I go, so Im sure being closer to the bus stop will be better so I can save all of the extra walking for when Im at the parks! :tongue: Thanks for all of the info everyone, I was on the WDW website last night looking at the hotel and doing those virtual tours, wow! It was about 500 more total than Pop Century but SO worth it…this is going to be me like MY real first vacation in years, I will be all by myself and its WDW…I mean come on…WDW…I want to go all out and just enjoy it…and I love hotels…so I want to stay in a nice one and just have a great and relaxing atmosphere. :happy:

Oh and yes, I will be staying in Riverside, not French Quarter, I was talking with someone and they recommended Riverside for me, they said I would enjoy it much more then FQ, so I took their word, and like I said POR looks awesome, so it works for me!


I think you will be much happier at POR. I am not a fan of the Value resorts.


POR is much quieter than the value resorts, but it’s all based on what you like. The value resorts are designed more for the kids and I think the moderates are more for the adults. Still lots to do at both places for everyone.


Great food…great resort…you’ll love it!


We’re staying at POR in Aug., and have been there a couple of times before. Both of the PO resorts are great. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time!


We stay there just about everytime we go to WDW. It is our favorite resort.


Sorry U changed your mind and picked Riverside. My family and I stayed at POR last year and definitely, a New Orleans flavor. Be interested in whether u agree since you have family from there. But I loved the atmosphere. We stayed in Bldg. 4 which was convenient to the main bldg. and the bus stop.


Yea, I think I will enjoy POR much much more then Pop, I originally wanted to stay at a Moderate Resort but figured I should just save the money and stay at a Value Resort, I personally enjoy a more less-kid atmosphere and a more sophisticated like hotel/quainter atmosphere/adult oriented. So I then decided I was going to go all out on my hotel, stay at a Moderate Resort, enjoy my vacation and make it all it can be, plus I know I will be at my hotel much more than I think I will be…and I love hotels, so I know this was a wise and great choice. POR will suite me right to the T and will be perfect! :smile:


You desreve the upgrade, I am sure. PO looks like a beautifull resort to stay, actually we are heading over there this summer to check it out for a future visit. Have a great time…what a great price too!


yes, without kids, I would not choose POP. What a great deal you got, too. I am sure you will have a better time - POP’s pools are very chaotic at night; I’m sure POR will be much more appropriate for you. You going alone? Have a great time~