Hotel vs. house


Hi! My DD girl scout troop is wanting to go on a trip to Florida, so they have to make a budget for every where they would like to go. Naturally DD chose Disney and made the budget for it, but they went to Disney last year so she also wants other options to propose at tomorrow nights meeting. So my question is where is the cheapest place to stay in the Universal Studios area? or should they just opt for renting a house for a week? Thanks!


Universal is no good off-site. You need to stay onsite to get the express pass. The Royal Pacific is affordable.


Express pass:confused: What is the express pass?


is there any where else to go???


It’s kinda like a fast pass for all the rides- once only though. You can buy it, the price depends on how busy the day is going to be. Or, you can stay at a Universal resort and it is included with your room.


If you stay @ a universal hotel, the express pass is in your room card. You can ride as many times as you want in the express line. We rode this roller coaster so many times in a row that people in the regular line were giving us dirty looks. It was fun!


Yes. If you have any suggestions on going somewhere else please post them.


Renting a villa might be a nice option for your troop. You can usually get one with its own pool. Meals could be made at the Villa and you could opt to visit different places in the area. We went to a neat Manatee refuge place on the gulf coast and the gulf coast beaches are great.


Like Disney’s FastPass… except it’s not free. If you stay at one of Universal’s resorts, your room key doubles as an Express Pass. If not, you can purchase limited FPs starting at $20.


I think renting a villa would be a really good idea! You cna get some pretty big spacious ones for good prices and Im sure the troop would love having their own pool!


Renting a pool villa is an excellent option. They are a good value, you get your own private pool, many bedrooms and bathrooms, your own laundry, and many other amenities. We like to get a house when we travel with all th ekids. It just makes more sense for us.

I didn’t have much luck the last time I searched for one in the Universal area however. You may have better luck with the houses near WDW.


We stayed at a great community just of Route 4…it was near Champions Gate. Here is a link to the kind of place we rented. I liked it because it was a gated community and was close to a grocery store and a quick hop on the highway to Disney. We didn’t have to go near any busy commercial areas.
Rent Champions Gate Florida House 85532 for Golf Vacations


We go with 12 people sometimes and when we do it is cheap to rent a house. Make your own meals, washer and dryer and your own pool. When split, houses are really economical. The vrbo site is user friendly for those of us who are a little technologically challenged ( hence me not posting the link :confused::confused:)


Wow can’t believe they charge for Fast passes


Thanks for all the replies we will be choosing the house option if we go to Universal. As of tonight the girls are wanting to go to Disney and staying at Fort Wilderness, because after DD figured it out it would be cheaper because we wouldn’t have to use any gas once we got to Disney compared to having to drive to Universal everyday.