Hotels before cruise


Just wondering if anyone had any recommendations on hotels close to the port where my family and I could stay the night before the cruise. Thank you


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Here is a link right to the Port Canaveral website! They have a section that talks about hotels in the area! Hope it helps!

Port Canaveral Information


We usually stay at WDW the night before, you can get down there for free on the DME, there is a bunch of stuff to do, and the prices at the values are usually a lot less than anywhere by the airport.


There is a new Residence Inn very close to the port. I think it just opened in May. They had accomodations for 6 (suite) which was really awesome for us. We are staying there is Nov so I can’t tell you much about it but it is run by Marriott so I am sure it will be great.


Thank you for the welcome and for the information. I’ll look into those now.


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Mickey DME buses dont leave the airport/Disney area or very rare they do. DCL buses go to the port.


dcl busses are also an additional charge. I dont know how much but they will pick up your bags from the room if you are at one of the listed resorts and you can make arrangements otherwise - we took quick silver as we could set the time for what we wanted and it was much more personal. We also had carseats for the kids waiting for us which was really nice.