Hotels Holding Laptops


As everyone knows, I must have every duck lined up perfectly behind each other with all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed. When I saw dznygrl thread about holding luggage it accured to me that I haven’t seen anything about resorts holding laptops cases if your rooms aren’t ready. Has ANYONE done this, I really don’t feel like ROLLING my laptop around the park.


Yes, they do hold your laptop and cameras if your room isn’t ready at check in and they hold laptops and cameras for you after you check out and before you depart. I’ve done this many times now.


I knew you had all the answers Soundgod… Thanks so much, I really don’t feel like lugging that thing around considering I will have to bring my portable printer with me… you see… it looks like I will be leaving for Savannah instead of coming home… :eek:


They did this this past December. Our room at AKL was not ready. They put a special tag on the laptop, and kept it with the rest of our luggage. It arrived fine.


They did for me at AS-Movie, my computer was tag and put in a lock cage. Just make sure you have your tag to get it back.


Great thread! I was only thinking about the sane thing the other day as DH may bring ours with us on our next trip. Good to know that there is somrthing in place. Thanks Dee x


POLLY SWEETIE… how are you?

I will have to bring the BIG BOY!!!.. which is not only my computer all cords, portable printer… oh my you don’t even want to know. I can’t believe that I won’t see my house for two weeks…


hey honey…good to catch up with you. All a bit mad here over last week or so, Ill pm you! Oh my…I don’t envy you bringing all that with you! Tell you what, Ill come over for another break with you and Smiggy and I can help you carry it all! :laugh:


Oh boy, I get to tell one of my favorite Disney stories. It was one of my early convention trips and we were staying at the Y&BC. Everything was great but I was a little harried checking out. The bags had been in storage all day while we got the last of our prak time in and as I was loading the limo I didn’t really count the bags. I made it half way to the airport before I realized I didn’t have my computer. I called the resort, they asked me what flight I was on and told me to wait by the ticket counter. I don’t know how the young man made it before my flight left, but he drove all the way to the airport just to get the laptop to me! ! ! !

That may have been the first of the special WDW moments for me, you know that feeling that you have found a vacation spot that really cares about you!


Oh GrumpyDad that is my worse fear… losing my laptop… it’s my life next to DH and the kids.


Same here and the worst is it is a company owned laptop. Which reminds me to back mine up to the network before I leave on Saturday ! ! ! !


Mine is Mine but I back up before every trip and bring a GiG Stick with me just incase


I’ve done it several times in WDW and twice in DL, never had a problem! :smile:


I am so glad to hear that no one is having problems… I am so over protective over my laptop it isn’t funny… just ask MissSMIG, I won’t ANYONE roll it in the airport or even put in the trunk of a cab, I have to know where it is 24X7…:blush: