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Hello!! I haven’t posted for several months but I am glad to be back now!
Anyway…I purchased my tickets from Hotwire Savings club for our trip to WDW last May. We are going back next May and I was wondering if anyone knew if you could still purchase park hoppers thru them since Disney has changed their ticket pricing. Does anyone have any information on this???

Also…if I purchase my park hoppers in advance will they stay “good” until we use them in a year or should I wait closer to time???

Thanks!!! :smile:


pjfnme, you can not purchase PH tix from Hotwire anymore. :noo: Unfortunately, since WDW released the MYW tix, park hoppers do not seem to be available at any venue anymore. HSC does sell some of the MYW tix. However, I do not think that they are sold at a good discount. I didn’t study the tix they have for sale, but I think that they are only offering the tix that expire. Since I didn’t need any tix, I didn’t pay too much attention when I looked at what they were offering. Also, you can no longer purchase any of the meal vouchers and they are not selling any other kind of meal deal either. :frown:


Last time I looked, HSC was not selling anything Disney, but that might have changed, it has been a couple of months. The tickets (no matter where you purchase them) are good forever, until you start using them. The standard tickets expire 14 days after the first use. There is an expiration offer, but it will cost you.


You can now pruchase the MYW tickets for WDW though hotwire savings club. They don’t offer the meal vouchers anymore, but you are still able to get tickets.


I just opened a message fro Hotwire Savings Club (marked “Important”) and elarned that the club is ceasing to exist next month (!) The message indicated that crrent umembers would be transferred to another club (“Passport to Fun” which I have not heard of before now) unless you canceled your Hotwire memebrship prior to the transfer date. The monthly fee is going to remain the same although the “regular memebrship fee” is nearly twice as much. I did learn that the Passport club is affiliated with the Dealpass group, but I haven’t been able to learn about any of the actual benefits in the club.


I have not got this email. I will be cancelling then if the charge is more. I was hoping the meal vouchers were going to come back and have been holding on to my membership for that. Thanks for the heads up on this. :mickey:


Dana, I may have confused you with my post. I meant to say that the message from HW indicated that current HW Savings Club membership fee ($7.95 monthly) was going to continue to be charged to memebrs who were transferred to the Passport to Fun Club (although the regular memebrship fee for that club is supposedly $14.95 monthly.) As I mentioned, I have no idea what the benefits of the new club will be. I, too, had hoped that the vouchers would be available agin, but I now think that was simply wishful thinking. Hopefully, more info will be arriving soon. Here is a copy of the message HW sent to me:

Dear Hotwire Savings Club member:

Please note that as of June 15, 2005, the Hotwire Savings Club will no longer be available. However, you can continue to save money on shopping and entertainment through Passport to Fun, a new membership program with many of the same exclusive savings on entertainment and shopping needs that you enjoyed in the Hotwire Savings Club. And, as a special offer to members of the Hotwire Savings Club, you can receive this Passport to Fun membership – normally priced at $14.95 – for the low monthly price of just $7.95!

And taking advantage of this exclusive offer couldn’t be easier! In May 2005, we’ll automatically convert your Hotwire Savings Club membership to a Passport to Fun membership. You will continue to enjoy benefits at the new monthly fee of $7.95, which will appear on your credit card statement as AP9*PASSPORTTOFUN.

Important: If you do not want to be transferred into the Passport to Fun program, you will need to take the following steps to cancel your Hotwire Savings Club membership:

  Click here to go directly to the Hotwire Savings Club website, where you can access the Hotwire Savings Club Cancellation Center 24 hours a day. Simply click on the "My Account" link located at the top of the page. From there, click on the "Membership Status" link on the left side of the page and follow the instructions provided. You will receive an immediate confirmation that your membership has been cancelled.

Please be sure to cancel your membership within 21 days of the date of this email to avoid being charged. If you do not cancel your membership in the Hotwire Savings Club, your member information will be automatically transferred to the Passport to Fun program.

Please note that Passport to Fun will be administered by Adaptive Marketing LLC and will not be affiliated with Hotwire in any way. Your new Passport to Fun membership number and access information will be emailed to you shortly.

Thank you for participating in the Hotwire Savings Club! We have truly valued your membership.

The Hotwire Savings Club Team


I see where I misunderstood. Thank you for posting that email for me. Maybe I will wait and see what this new club is about. I know I am secretly just hoping for the vouchers…lol Thanks again for posting the email.


I called triple A the other day to see how much magic your way tickets are and they said that they only sell hopper tickets.


Do you know how much they are??? Are they much of a savings over buying them thru the WDW website???



If you go to, you can see the site of the new club. No mention of Disney anywhere. I guess that could always change, but it looks doubtful.


I am a member of Deal Padd and they do offer the tickets, but only the premium MYW and you cannot hop, or add no expiration. You can visit the water parks…the tickets are cheaper at ticketmania from what I can tell…we are going next month and I would love to hear if there is a way to buy a cheap ticet for my DH… the kids and I have AP’s!


The Mousesaver website listed the premium tickets as including the park hopper option as well as the plus features…will these premiums not allow you to hop??? How much are they thru dealpass for 7 day tickets???



I just checked the site and found that HW does offer MYW tix. The details:

As a valued Hotwire Savings Club member, you can pre-purchase Disney’s multi-day ticket - Magic Your Way Premium Adult Ticket — and save 9-12% off regular Adult admission prices! (% depends on the # of days purchased).

Some attractions/events may be separately priced. Admission to sporting events at Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex requiring a separate admission charge is not included (days of operation depend on event schedule; some events require separate admission charge). Each day the Disney’s Magic Your Way Premium Ticket is used at any park or attraction constitutes one full day of use. All Tickets expire 14 days after first use. Rates include all applicable taxes. As to Disney artwork/properties: ©Disney.

The Magic Your Way Premium Ticket provides the freedom to visit all four Walt Disney World® Resort Theme Parks on the same day. The Magic Plus Pack Option adds visits† to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, Downtown Disney® Pleasure Island*, DisneyQuest® Indoor Interactive Theme Park, or Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex.* The use of the Walt Disney World® Transportation System (monorails, ferryboats and motorcoaches) is also included.


I talked with a person from Deal Pass and they said that you could not hop, but the website says that you can hop?! I forgot my password for a while and had to call to get it, and that is when he told me you couldn’t add any options, but could visit the other attractions with plus days. I just checked the price for a 7 day ticket $259.75 Adult, $223.88 Child. Sorry for the confusion! Hope this helps!


I just checked the WDW website and the price for the 10 day MYW w/hop option was actually less than the 7 day pass…!! Can someone give me the price for a 10 day MYW w/hop (or premium) from dealpass or HW for adult/child??? Trying to decide where to get my tickets…!!! :biggrin:


From HWSC: Magic Your Way Premium Adult Tickets you’d like to order for $259.75 each . . . As a valued Hotwire Savings Club member, you can pre-purchase Disney’s multi-day ticket — the 7-Day Magic Your Way Premium Adult Ticket — and save 12% off regular Adult admission prices!

They do not have 10 day MYW tix.


Whoops! Forgot to add the child

Magic Your Way Premium Child (ages 3-9) Tickets you’d like to order for $223.88 each.


Great…!! Thanks so much for that information…it will help us in making our decisions!! We can buy them now and they will still be good next year right??? as long as we dont use them until then?


I have not purchased any of the MYW tix but I believe that they are valid for the number of days one purchases starting on the first day of use. So, it shouldn’t matter when you actually purchase the tickets. They will be good 'til whenever you first use them (and for the # of days you purchased.) Heck! I think I am repeating myself. :blink: