Hotwire Sucesses?


I was looking at for a room in July. We may stay off property this time to do universal and the Gulf Coast. In a search for Lake Buena Vista, I found some 3.5 star condos for $90. The site said it would be a doubletree, hilton type brand.

So, Im just wondering what type of sucesses or failures anyone has had with


:wub: Great for hotels :blow:Horrible for flights, nothing but problems!!


:ohmy: Just noticed that your from Buffalo!! We’re just 40 min. away!!


We have used Hotwire many times for stays in Orlando, DC, California, Atlanta, Chicago, and other places, and we have had great success. I think I have only been disappointed once with a room in Pigeon Forge, TN, but I should have known better than to book there with HW anyway. I wouldn’t hesitate!


I have never used Hotwire-- but I have gotten many, many fab. deals with I even used them to book internationally and got a great rate. Just something else to try!


I’ve never used Hotwire for hotel stays but I SWEAR by them for rental cars. I’ve gotten incredible deals; as low as $8.99 per day. has served me well for hotel stays.