Has anyone ever booked a rental car on Hotwire? We are looking to rent a full size for 2 adults and 3 children for 13 days and we got quoted $296 with tax…sounds a little too good to be true! Any thoughts??


I’ve used Hotwire before for both domestic and international hotels and have never had a problem. As with everything, print out what you’ve purchased and if there is a problem, they will get it resolved.


I stole a '67 Dodge Polaris with hotwire once.


I just booked through hotwire for our July trip. They are having some great deals now. I have used them before and have never had a problem.


Fabulous! Did you have a good time?


Wow … How weird is this …? I once dodged one of those 4-wheelers and it was a Polaris, I wound up stepping on a hot wire…$67 Hospital visit.
SPOOKY Huh !!! I wasn’t even drinking …:eek:

The answer to your question is YES … I’m bored !!!


Yes, as a matter of fact I just used them 2 weeks ago when I was in Deerfield Beach, FL and drove up to Cocoa Beach and WDW for the weekend and paid only $68 for a rental Friday at 430pm to Monday at 4:30pm. They usually have great deals.