House of Blues?


I just got a $25.00 gift certificate from for $2.00. I want to know if it is worth going there. I know it is a hit or miss but I would like to hear from some of you who have been there. I think trying it for the first time would be good and then I can have my own review. Is it worth at least trying once?


$2.00 for say a $25.00 lunch or dinner while in DTD is a steal. The savings alone make it worth it. I would skip my usual WGPexp or EoS for that deal. Congrats.


A “free” meal at HoB is something I would not pass up.


So, it is worth a try? My bill has to be at least $35.00 plus they add a 18% tip. But still, that is still a nice savings.


$23.00 saved can now be applied to :mickey:other fun. Enjoy.


I got that deal too!! Can’t wait to try it myself :mickey:


The food is spicy. I liked it, DW - not so much.


Can it be applied to the Sunday Gospel Brunch? I’m not religious, but I’ve always wanted to go to it - it’s suppose to be terrific - unfortunately I can’t talk anyone else into it.