How about a Russian pavilion at Epcot? What would it have?


I would think the main building would have to be the Kremlin. I’m thinking maybe this pavilion would have to have a movie, not a 360, but one like France where people can sit down.

I’m totally unfamiliar with the food. What would the restaurant serve?

The gift shop would have to have those big fuzzy hats with the ear flaps.


Well there’d have to be a Vodka bar… but not a regular one…and ice one!


we have a russian restaurant in Indianapolis that is sooo good! our favorite is Julienne - its this creamy mushroom appetizer - yumm-o!! google it, and i think you can find a recipe - we made it once, not quite as good as Russia House, but still yummy!

the ice vodka bar is a must!!


Does the Kremlin have those beautiful and colorful tourets on top of the building (?sp…is that what they’re called?)? Whatever they’re called, I’d like to see the building have those.

Yes, there must be a large VODKA BAR!


Yes, that’s the Kremlin. :smile:


That sounds like a great idea for a new pavilion in EPCOT


VODKA! :laugh:


DS was adopted from Russia. That would be waaaayyyyyy cool!! Borscht is a common food. Yech. Vodka bar . . . hmmm. :happy:


Russian cuisine is hearty, peasant style fare. Mushroom soups and borscht. Kasha (groats) is a necessity and as well as kapusta (cabbage) and pirohzkiy which are like Polish pierogies. A tea room with a samovars would be beautiful.


oh tinkerbelle - samovars would be awesome!! that would be a great gift shop!!


In the interest of detante (remember that one?) A Russian pavillion would be nice. But there are still a lot of people who have really bad feelings about that country…

I’m still waiting for an IRELAND pavillion! Now THAT would be even more fantastic!
(Guess my heritage and you win a pot of gold and a pint of Guinness…hmmmm)


Indeed a lot of people still do have bad feelings about Russia. Who knows, but I don’t think it will ever happen. Walt was obviously pro-American and an anti-communist. Being they were our arch enemy for so many years would not help. Disney for better or worse has been a symbol of America and at the forefront of Americana since the '40s. We have posters of Mickey Mouse, they had large posters of Stalin.


Gee. :huh:

Vodka. :blink:

That’s a surprise… :laugh:


I don’t know… They could have a space and satellite area set up. Add some nukes and a bald villian with a white Persian cat set on world domination. Then the UK could have a spy area with some sort of protagonist that drives an Aston Martin. Heck might as well add some nuclear submarines to the lagoon. The subs could be set to either destory a major city in either the UK or the USA. We could get a whole stunt spectacular going on with this plot. Viva Thunderball!!!

I hope Ian Fleming’s heirs aren’t reading this post! :laugh:

…Or, maybe they could do something with a boxer out of the Soviet Union who fights a pop-culture American boxer!

Addressing the, “Walt was obviously pro-American and an anti-communist” comment. What about China? So, you never know.


Me too!!!