How about ADR's after closing?


Was looking into making a couple more ressies. We usually only book b’fast since we don’t know where we’ll lunch & dinner, but found a couple of dinner ones available at park closing or after. For those that have experienced these how late will they leave the gates open if you’re inside eating and does the staff rush you out the door of the restaurant?


Ive been at Epcot after closing. They didn’t rush us. It was nice to walk through the empty park.


Parks are still “open” 2 hours after “closing”.
Buses (and monorails) run 2 hours after the official closing.
I’m pretty certain that the last reservation time they’ll offer and the last seating you’ll get is a half hour before official park closing. The latest reservation we had in Epcot was 9 PM at Teppan Edo on a night the park closed at 9:30. We certainly didn’t finish our meal until 10 PM and there was nobody chasing us out of the restaurant or the park. We were delayed at the drawbridge between China and the long wooded stretch before you get to Germany because it was open to allow them to move the Illuminations barges back to the service area backstage. Even then, once the bridge closed and we made out way passed Mousegear, that was still open and had shoppers inside.
We’ve also been in the Magic Kingdom quite a while after it had closed for the night.


Sci-Fi has a table open at 7:20 on Oct 20th. Park closes at 7:00 & no Fantasmic scheduled for that night.
If they’ll let us stay I may look into some of those.


[QUOTE=Mickeybug;981457]Sci-Fi has a table open at 7:20 on Oct 20th. Park closes at 7:00 & no Fantasmic scheduled for that night.
If they’ll let us stay I may look into some of those.[/QUOTE]

That makes no sense! I’ve never heard of an ADR for after a park closes.
I’d call again and ask someone else.

Added: This makes no sense. I decided to see how late a reservation I could get and I just got a reservation for 7:05 when I entered 7:30 or 50’s Prime Time at 7:25.
Something is wrong!


I’ve been at a park restaurant after closing a few times, the most memorable being Coral Reef in Epcot. We were not rushed at all and it was such a nice walk out of a beautifully lit up, empty park.


My DD and I were that last to leave HS one night…I mean the last two people in the park besides cast members. It was an EMH and not a meal and they definately wanted us out.:laugh:


There’s a huge difference between a late seating/meal which causes you to leave the park after it’s officially closed and actually assigning reservations 25 minutes after the park closes. And that’s what this thread is really about.
Mickeybug was given an ADR 20 minutes after DHS closes that night and I found one 25 minutes after park close. There is either something wrong with the reservation system, or there’s something funny going on here.
Or could it be that Disney is actually planning to keep DHS open until 8 that night and also run Fantasmic and just doesn’t want to post it yet?


I never even thought about this. We have done Adr’s for before park opening and loved the fact we could walk through the parks when there was barely a soul around…we have gotten some great pics this way.
I jsut don’t think I could hold out until so late for our evening meal! :laugh: I would probably end up having a burger or something earlier- I could not stretch till 9pm or so to eat! :laugh:


I’d love to see if it is a glitch or for real, I love being in a virtually empty park, it is so magical. We love doin Crystal Palace before MK opens :slight_smile:


If you are in after closing, they will give your a broom and dust pan. Just sweep up on the way to the exit, drop it then RUN! :laugh:

Don’t sweat it. If they wanted you out sooner, they would make the last reservation sooner.