How accurate are the Crowd Level Estimates?


For those of you who have been to WDW this year, how accurate are you finding the crowd level estimaes from Unofficial Guide website?


VERY, VERY ACCURATE. Honestly, The Unofficial Guide has THE MOST accuate estimates out there. On my trip Presidents Day Week all the other guides had crowds high except Unofficial Guide, which had them low. In the end, they were exactly what Unofficial Guide said they would be.


The Unofficial Guide website has Presidents’ Day weekend (Sat - Mon) as 7’s. I would think that would indicate that it was pretty crowded though not jammed packed.


Yeah. We were there the 21st -25th. A lot of the other books have that still being pretty busy.


I’m hope that the estimates are accurate for my trip in May. The whole trip is rated as a 3 on their crowd level estimates, which would be fantastic. I’m hoping for the best.


I am hoping they are accurate, too.
I looked at this past week and they were listed as 3’s. This makes me skeptical of their accuracy. This was our Spring Break and last year on our spring break the crowds were unbearable. I’ll be anxious to hear from anyone who was there this past week…was a 3 correct?


Didn’t EmpJenny say that the MK lot was full when she went on Wed?


You’re right…she did. See, I told ya! :laugh:


I think it’s as accurate as can be but not perfect. I am guessing the numbers are based on past crowd levels and each year is about the same as the last.


That’s exactly the post that made me start wondering if they were accurate. It had 3/30 and 3/31 down as 3’s. I would think that Spring Break would have still been having an effect on attendance. As they say, it is just an estimate and they weren’t sure how the new Evening Magic Hours and MYWs would effect attendance since there isn’t really anything to base it on.
I’m going the end of the month when it’s listed as 3’s so I’m hoping it’s right, too!


We went to DAK and DS on the 17th - which Unofficial has listed as a 7.
This was NOT the case with AK (which they did say would be the best park) AK was desserted (I believe because of the rain)
But, we found the crowd at DS, for sure.

So, they were pretty accurate with my experience.


They base the crowd levels on dates not specific holidays.Spring break and Easter have typically been very busy times.


We went in March…the 11th and 12th to be exact and the Unoffical Guide was right on–it was pretty friggin busy…
However…had every cheerleader in North America not been at WDW that week it would have been quite slow…


But it wouldn’t have been as peppy, would it now? :laugh:


yes…wdw was certainly full of sprit that weekend! But it honestly wasnt that bad–although dbf eventually got tired of me trying to relive the old “cheerleading glory days” buy trying to remember ever cheer we did in high school and making him watch…


Hahahahahaha!!! That would of been SO FUNNY!


I swear by the Unofficial Guide. I’ve never disagreed with anything the guide posts in reviews, plans, and etc.


As I remember, the touring chart didn’t rate each park separately. So even though it rates a date as a 3, that means for the whole resort, right? So even though MK might be mobbed, AK or MGM might be fairly empty.


We went during the first week of Dec and there were hardly any crowds at all. It was wonderful. I don’t know if it was a 1, but it was not very crowded.


We were there last week. MK shut the gates around 11:00 a.m. on the 30th due to the high volume of people. According to a driver we spoke with, the 31st was also very high volume but the gates didn’t close. We also read a newspaper article on the plane on the way home that said the past two weeks at WDW were the highest volume of people in a very long time. Many resorts were sold out. They said it’s a prediction of what the summer crowd will be as well . . . very crowded. It was crowded but most of the time the volume of people was very tolerable. It’s all about the attitude you have when you go. Kind of like Christmas shopping!