How accurate is MapQuest/Blast?


Hi all. We just booked our Magical Beginnings trip for September. It’ll be the second trip with our (by then) 3 year old twins and the first with our (by then) 7 month old.

With 5 of us, airfare and the logistics of 3 toddlers/newborns at the airport are prohibitive, so we’ve decided to drive from Philadelphia.

Both Mapblast and Mapquest are giving me ~16.5 - 17 hr driving times. However, I don’t know how well they factor in things like traffic/congestion, etc.

Can anyone who’s made this drive give me any insights into how long the actual drive time is?

Thanks in advance!


I believe Mapquest includes time for moderate traffic, but I am not completely positive.


Hi and welcome to Disney central. My DBf and his son drive down from Philadelphia and meet us. They don’t like to fly. It took them about 16.5 hours to drive there. They used the map quest directions that I printed for them and found them to work out great. It’s all in timing of course. They left at dinner and drove until about midnight. They then slept at a hotel, got up very early and drove the rest of the way. I think it would be best to do it when the kids are not high energy, so maybe they will sleep some of the way. Leaving at dinner or a little before may be a good plan. Personally, if I were making the drive, I would start out at about 2am and drive straight through…that’s just me though.


I have never driven from that far north, but it is about 7.5- 8 hours from North Atlanta… If that helps (not sure which way you would go)… but it is a straight shot from here… Have a safe trip.


Hi and welcome to DC! :mickey:

I’ve found the drive times to be pretty accurate on MapQuest. Of course accidents and other unexpecteds can back things up a bit. The more night driving you do, the better off you will be!


Hey neighbor. Welcome to DC!
17 hours from Philly is very do-able. I have done it in 12, but that was driving straight through. And I think the State Police in Georgia are still looking for my La Sabre.


LOL! Same here Boss! I drove from Maryland to Orlando in 12 but that’s when I didn’t have kids and I didn’t know what a speed limit sign was.

I think 16 hours is do-able but that’s driving pretty fast with limited stops for breaks and food. That maybe difficult with little ones that are dying to get out of their car seats.


Thanks all!

Boss, and DayDreamer, what time did you leave on those trips?


I remember getting on the road around 11:00am. I think I wanted the morning traffic to die down.


Thanks all!


I find that map quest is pretty good i have never had trouble using it. I just used it myself to travel to tampa and it was very useful and took me to where i needed to go.

so i give it a thumbs up


Thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes the routing is strange.

Used it once time and it had me getting off 65 mph interstate top run local road which cut corner to next turn to next interstate which saved about 2 miles but put me on 35 mph local road with stop lights.

Times tend to be higher than required normally considering NOBODY actually runs speed limit.


MapQuest is not very acurate if you ask me. Our property, (the way it is today) has been around for over 100 years. In other words nothing’s new. MapQuest will send you 15 miles away in the oposite direction from where we are actually located.
Many of our guests have had to drive around until they were at their wit’s end and finally called to see where we were hiding.

I could have made that long story short by saying : Don’t trust it!! but I was bored :tongue:


I have NEVER had a good experience with Mapquest or Mapblast! I don’t blame you for wanting to drive, but I would recommend going to AAA. They can map out the whole trip and with a trip like taht it would probably be worth it to become a member, in fact their discounts are pretty good at WDW. Definately worth looking into!!! just my opinion!


Thanks Nokey. We are members of AAA and I ran the online triptik program. It basically gave the same information as MapQuest/Blast. (I’m not terribly concerned about the actual directions [for me it’s just "get on 95 and don’t stop until Daytona, or something like that]). I’m more interested in how accurate their estimated drive time is.

They’re on the same page with AAA, so I guess that’s a pretty good ballpark figure.

BTW, AAA has a really neat tool that estimates your gas expense given your departure and destination cities, make, year and model of you car. The estimate it gave me was significantly lower than my own back-of-the-envelope. I hope they’re right. More $ for Downtown Disney!


That is great to hear (about the similarity between mapQuest/Blast and AAA)! I am glad to hear you will be saving more money than you predicted for gas. That is a rarety these days!!! Enjoy your trip and drive safely!


BTW Nokey, it looks like we’ll be there at the same time in September.