How am I going to pay for this now?


JK. I’m getting ready to charge my trip but I recently noticed that my local grocer has Disney gift cards. This particular grocer offers reward points that are used to discount gasoline purchases. I made our reservations on line through the WDW site. Do they accept gift cards for payment?


yes they do i used 200.00 to pay off my last month. There is a spot online when you pay online that is for gift card just put in the GC number


Omg! You can pay online? How? I can never figure it out


I’ll tell you for $1963.00 Disney dollars:biggrin:


Lol I would if I could lol I still have $725 to pay on mine and get airfare!! Lol


when online do the online check in it will then come back and say you can’t cause you are not within the 10 check in. but then go down some on the page and there should be a spot that says make a payment.


I work for Kroger and would love to know how this works for you. Please let us know.


Absolutely. But the grocer around here is Giant Eagle. I’ll get .10 off a gallon for every $50 I spend. So $2000 in gc should earn me $4.00 off the price of gas.


That is the exact same offer we have. Only the most we can get off is $1 at a time. $4 off 35 gallons is $140 in savings. I think I will be doing the same thing. Thanks for the heads up.


If I get $4 off and the gas is only $2.50, the credit stays with me until the savings are used up. Pretty good deal.


I always pay my trips online - if you book early enough you can make partial payments to your total until final payment is due. Just log in, make a payment and it deducts it. Easiest way to pay off a trip. And as stated YES! they do take GGs too. :heart:


when is final payment due? 45 days out?

My paperwork is at home on my desk.


Yep 45 days before arrival.


I am a dork… I wouldn’t pay online… I call in to hear the music and answer the "have you been more than 5 times…"spiel…LOL~ !
It makes me soooo happy!


I went to Krogers last week when they had double points for gift cards and bought Disney gift cards for our trip in September. If only I had thought about paying off my trip with those.


Absolutely. I paid off a trip that way before.


Don’t know where u live, but the Giant Eagle by my mom in Canton, Ohio offers double fuel perks all the time. I have been paying for my trip that way also!!:laugh:


Double?! My GE’s have dropped the ball. We’re over here by Pittsburgh. I’ll have to check into that though. Thanks.


[QUOTE=Cincy;1038152]when is final payment due? 45 days out?

My paperwork is at home on my desk.[/QUOTE]

it says 45 days but you have until 30 days out before they will cancel your reservation. we paid 31 days out and were fine