How are the buses at POFQ?


Have only stayed at the Pop Century and have been very happy with the buses there. It’s such a large resort with dedicated buses that they seem to come pretty frequently. I’ve been thinking of trying the POFQ when we go in January. I know it’s a smaller resort. I’m wondering how the buses are. Anyone who’s stayed there, do they come frequently or did you seem to wait a long time. Any other thought about the POFQ would be appreciated.


We have stayed there several times…and it is our favorite resort out of all of the ones we have visited. We have always found the bus service to be great, however there are others who have complained about it. It has been said that FQ shares a bus with PORS, however in all our days of being at the FQ during these several visits, my DD and I can only recall one time that we shared a bus with RS. I think it must depend on how busy they are perhaps? The good thing is that the one time the bus was shared, FQ was picked up first…probably means its dropped off first too. In short, we never have any complaints about the bus service.

The other good thing is that the bus stop is not far away from the front of the building and the resort is small. You don’t have a long walk back to your room at night after a long day in the park.

There is no sit down restaurant at FQ if that is important to you, however, RS has a sit down and we found it to be a 5 min walk between the resorts.

The rooms are the same size as most other mod. Resorts.

We just love the overall atmosphere, service and feel of the FQ. Please ask any other specific questions. We have stayed at Pop too because FQ was not available that trip. We also stayed at CS because FQ was not available. FQ is definitely our favorite.

We have reservations there for August…may have to cancel but still hoping…

Oh one other bonus…they have a boat on the canal in back of PO that will take you to DTD and back…a nice trip on a nice evening…


I have stayed there a few times and have never had any issues with their bus or boat service.


Definitely try POFQ. You will love it. I’ve stayed at both Pop and POFQ, and FQ is definitely a different type of stay. Much quieter and relaxing. Buses are great. Never really recall any problems with them.


We stayed at POFQ once and had no problems with the buses. I don’t remember sharing many, if any, buses with POR. Same with our stay at POR, I dont remember sharing buses.


Just have to add that we loved POFQ too! You’ll notice quite a difference in the size of resorts! Everything is very compact and walkable at FQ. Such a lovely atmosphere. The buses - as I recall - are no better and no worse than most resorts. Certainly shouldn’t be an issue to consider when staying there.


I have stayed at POFQ and didn’t have any issues with the bus service. Everything ran smoothly. We did share a few times with POR, though I couldn’t figure out when or why. . it seemed random though I am sure its not. Probably based on crowd levels at different parks, etc.

I have stayed at POP several times as well and have had issues with the bus system, particularly following fireworks/parades. There was a huge line, several times, much bigger than other resorts and had to wait a very long time. Seemed like they were unprepared. It was better at my last stay.

My point is that I think you may find that it depends on the time of year, the anticipation of resort crowds/park crowds, and the plan. I think it depends less on the resort.


I think the thing to remember with buses is that timing is key. You might have to wait a lot longer for a bus depending on when the last bus left, or what time of day it is. We have had to share buses with PO Riverside,but this was random as Magic said.

Other points about POFQ - it has a pretty good food court, yummy beignets, and really good choices throughout the day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It is very centrally located, the bus rides to any of the parks are very short, and like Smallworld said, the boat ride to Downtown Disney is a huge plus.

Also, they now have queen size beds instead of double. The pool is also a big hit with the kids. :slight_smile:


no probs with bus to or from POFQ from any parks
plus as others have said the boat to riverside or down trown disney is a cool bonus


The one time we stayed there we had no problems with the buses. I thought I read somewhere that in the morning the MK bus is exclusive to POFQ and that POR has its own bus in the morning. In the afternoon it is shared I believe.

I think that is the only bus that is exclusive unless, of course, the bus is full. Then it will bypass POR.


And you are the first stop back if it shares with POR… Not a problem with them ever for us, and we have stayed there 3 times.


Sounds Great. I’m planning on going 3rd week in Jan. Went same week last year and got Free Dining. I’m really hoping they do the same this time. Since I stayed at Pop I had to pay to upgrade from Quick Service to Regular. Since with Mod’s you get regular free dining I wouldn’t have to pay to upgrade so the difference in price would be minimal. I can do either 2nd or 3rd week in Jan so hopefully between the 2 weeks I can get the free dining.


We have stayed at POP and POFQ. We shared a bus at POFQ with POR only once. We agreed that the overall bus service at POFQ was slightly better. Shorter rides (everywhere but AK) and less of a wait. Also not as crowded, POP buses seemed like sardine cans most of the time.