How are the Christmas crowds this year?


Knowing that they offered deals for Christmas week just a few weeks ago, I was wondering how the crowds are comparing to previous Christmas week crowds.


My mother, my brother and his family are there right now. They were suprised by the number of people, but this is only their second trip to the world [ and they left me home :frowning: ].

From his description it is busy but not insane.


My DS took this pic last weekend 12/20 at AK


Wow, that looks pretty busy!


We’re here every year for Christmas and although it is crowded, it’s not as bad as in the past. I haven’t heard that MK was closed for crowds as of yet like in past years.


I have to say, we were just there 12/16-12/20. On Wed-Fri the crowds were suprisingly low in my opinion. THEN, all of the sudden it seemed like everyone in America poured in on Saturday & Sunday (19th & 20th).


shutters at Brit’s picture that is just away to busy for me! I love slow. I went in May one year and you could have shot a cannon through the place. It was great! But I want to see the decorations so I’m hoping it won’t be busy early next Dec. I don’t think it will be that bad during that time though. I’m kind of hoping that they ARE’T offering any deals when I go because I’d be happy if there weren’t really anyone around.


Due to all the rain yesterday it didn’t seem as busy in MK. HOWEVER, today just looking from the Castle Stage during Dream Along With Mickey, you’d have needed Moses to part the sea of people to get around! :laugh:


I totally agree! It was a huge change between the 18th and 19th. I was in total shock.


Have you thought about early November? This year they started putting the Christmas decorations up around November 10th. We were there Nov 13th - 17th and the weather was sunny and in the 80’s and not crowded at all. In fact, in the morning, Sorin was at a 5 minute wait. Have never seen it at that before.


Those are almost the same dates we did in 07 and I totally agree. Great weather, manageable crowds and the lights for Christmas are up.


We enjoyed our trips in November as well. We were used to going in late Jan, early Feb, but November was warmer and the crowds were just as low, well until the day after Thanksgiving, lol.


That’s cool. I was thinking about early fall because my dh love Halloween so I thought he might like that more than Christmas but he seems to want Christmas. I would consider that with no problem but only if it’s value season for the moderate resorts at that time. I think that’s also a main factor.