How are the crowds during April vacation?


Hello all :happy:!!
I never thought I would say this buuuuut…we are thinking of going to WDW during April vacation (April 16th week) :eek:
My question is just how crowded is it really?? We (usually) go to the parks mainly at night during the MH, so I know that will cut down on the crowd levels a bit.
Also are there ever any promotions during vacation weeks?

Thanks guys!


We went the week after Easter last year and it was not nearly as crowded as I expected. Yes it was crowded but we went to all rope drops and were able to get alot done before most people were up. By lunch it was rather crowded but we had done all our must dos early.


It really depends on when Easter falls and when school systems schedule their Easter/spring breaks.
I’d say crowds will be worse leading up to Easter than they are once Easter Sunday has passed.
As for promotions, Easter Week itself is a holiday period, and room rates are close to Christmas/New Year’s rates (no bargains), however there are Florida resident rates and AP rates the week after Easter as well as until 10 days before Easter (or thereabouts).


We were there this year from April 14 to April 20, the week leading up to Easter and it was definitely crowded! I would say it was not quite as crowded as when I visited during March spring break in 2010 but it was close. We found it got busier and busier as the week wore on. However, my cousin went during April vacation a few years back when it was NOT close to Easter and loved it. They had great weather and really reasonable crowds.

We have been contemplating another big extended family trip in a few years, decided between 2014 and 2015 and we are leaning towards 2015 when Easter is not near April vacation.


We did the week before Easter a few years back. It was the busiest we’ve ever seen. Should drop off after Easter though.

All was doable - we just needed to make an extra effort to get to the parks early - prior to rope drop.


We did our trip two years ago the week leading up to Easter. All I can say is be very flexible and make sure you have park hoppers, and it will be a great vacation. I’ve used this example in the past, but we were on the Monorail, heading to MK. In looking at the lines at security, we stayed on the Monorail to the Contemporary, got on a boat from there and headed to Ft. Wilderness for exploring and to see the horses. Headed over to Epcot after that and had a wonderful day. Later we found out that MK was closed not too long after we bypassed it. So, its just a matter of being flexible and going with the flow.


We went two weeks before Easter and the crowds were not bad at all. April7-11


Looked it up for Easter is April 8th in 2012. You may be safe by the 16th.


That’s what I was hoping. We went the week before april vacation 6 years ago and I remember everyone saying it was PACKED! But we’ve never gone during an actual vacation before.

How about the promotions? Do they usually run during vacation times?