How are the crowds going to be in July?


I am going to disney July 17 and I have been wandering how the crowds are going to be.


The crowds are going to be a bit rough…no doubt. There are ways around that of course. You must be on hand for the rope drop every day. Hit all the headliners first to minimize waiting times. I would like to suggest grabbing an Unofficial guide to WDW and following one of their touring plans. You can also print them out on their website. They have sample plans there. Just go with the knowledge that it will be crowded…and hot…and crowded, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good trip. Do some research and get to the parks when they open and you will be fine.


July is crowded but if you know what you are doing you can make it work for you. We usually go in July and it’s HOT and crowded but we have a good time.


Go early, take breaks, bring water. It WILL be hot, no way to avoid that. Take a washcloth from the hotel, frequently soak it from a cool water fountain, place around neck. Repeat as needed!


We are going in July too! We plan to do magic hours in the morning, take a break in the afternoon and head back in the evenings! We have been in July before and it does get hot and busy!


It will be very crowded and very hot which = sweaty, smelly, and rude people. Long lines and heat make people exceptionally irritable.

I love disney but I dont think I would ever venture to a park in July or August if I absolutely could help it.


Pure insanity. I learned my lesson once, and I’ll never do it again.


I guess I’m one of the odd ones. I like going in July, even with the larger crowds. That just makes the water rides feel that much better.

And I’m going on the 16th!


My first time going was in July and we had a wonderful time. Going back this July.


If it’s the only time that you can go then you can have fun if you slow down and drink plenty of water and try to avoid mid days. I think if you go with the mindset that it will be crowded then you can deal with it. The mistake is some people are surprised when it is crowded and they get overwhelmed.


In a word, HUGE. But as so many other have posted, go early, drink water, go back to resort for a swim, eat dinner, go back in the evening after the sun goes down. We usually go to whatever park is open latest. Only problem with this strategy is that you won’t get to take advantage of Fastpass too much. They will all be gone by about 2:00 at every park.


I agree with you, we went for 14 days last July and I will never do it again
the crowds were crazy and the heat was just terrible. Going in October this time.


I am one of the locals that avoid WDW in July…too crowded!

We did July 4 one year and they said they closed the park… too many people. I believe it. We spent the day going from one air conditioned building to the next. We saw The Hall of Presidents many, many times that day.


I have to admitt that I enjoy the Hall of Presidents more in the hotter months.


we have been there twice in july very very hot . think third level of ****. and very crowded but we hav e always had the best time. last time we went was in june not much better but we had a great time as said before go very ealry and drink as much as you can hold. i go anytime of the year that i can get there.


Hi e4L! You will like July because you are guaranteed warm weather for enjoying the pools! At the parks, just take advantage of FPs, early entry and late hours… you will be fine!


I’m going this July 17th as well. Two years ago I went at the beginning of August when it was super hot. It was also crowded but nothing like last year over Xmas when it was so crowded you could only move as far as the person ahead of you moved. Remember to use Fastpass as much as possible.