How are the crowds in early February


We just booked our annual family trip to WDW for Feb 6th… I was just wondering how the crowds typically are for this time of year.


They’re fairly low. Just beware that the first full week of February is typically the dreaded cheerleader week. DHS will be packed with cheerleaders, and Indiana Stunt Show will be down so they can use the ampitheater for competition.


We have gone the past 2 years for my birthday which is Feb. 7 and the crowds have been pretty low. There are a lot of cheerleaders, but they are very well behaved and I would take them over some of the large tour groups you get in the summertime any day.


We often go the first week of Feb. and I agree - other than the dreaded cheerleaders - it’s pretty quiet. If, however, you have the bad luck of being in the Tower of Terror WITH cheerleaders, it will be anything BUT quiet!:pinch:

Protect young children’s ears.


Should be a good time for you around Feb. We enjoyed it as crowds were very minimal

oh…and welcome to Mousebuzz! :laugh:


Thanks for the info guys, appreciate it.


We were there this year from 1/31-2/6. The crowds were not bad. Select rides have a long wait, but not most. The downside for us was it was abnormally cold - record lows of 27 degrees, highs of 50 and windy. It felt very cold. Pack some warmer clothes for layering, just in case. The weather forecast changed drastically from the time we left for the airport to the time we checked in. Had we not flown out of Pittsburgh, we would not have had our winter jackets which saved us from freezing.


Normally they are low…but this past February was UNBELIEVABLY and very unusually packed with guests. I guess they were getting in on those specials.


Friends of ours visited Disney last February and unknowingly ran into the President’s day week-end and the parks were so packed, fast-passes ran out for some rides at HS by noon.
I’m not sure when President’s Day is (we don’t have that holiday here) but you may want to avoid that week-end.


We were there the first week in February 2009 and the crowds were small. It’s a terrific time to visit all of the parks. We were unprepaired for the very cold temps, though (lows reached into the 20’s while we werer there).


Funny how the economy changes things over time.
The last time we went in Feb it was in '02 and on Pres weekend too. It was a last minute trip planned 2 weeks out, got a room with no prob. Most rides were walk on or with a max of 15-20 min wait. MAYBE 1-2 exceptions of longer waits.
Matter of fact we went to breakie at 1900 Park Fare on the 19th (oldest DD’s b’day) which happen to be Pres Day w/o any ressies.
Weather wasn’t bad. Pants, short sleeves and maybe a light jacket which I had to shed, along with the sneakers around mid day for sandals.