How are the crowds in March?


We’re planning on a late Feb early March trip to WDW I’ve only been in the summer. How bad are the crowds? Dh and I were going to pull the kids from school a few days for the trip. :whistling They don’t have any time off really in those months and dh refuses to think about Spring Break as an option.

Last July we went and there were quite a few soccer teams there and it seemed whatever park we were at so were the teams.



I went Feb28th to march 3rd last year and there were barely any crowds. We were able to walk right thing…


GO, GO, GO!!! We usually go then, and it is great. There are light crowds and the weather is in the 60s and 70s (could be high 50s). We usually wear a sweatshirt, another short sleeved shirt, and shorts, or jeans and a short sleeved shirt. The lack of crowds is fabulous, but enough people there to let you know that you are doing something exciting… Worth going, but don’t go after the 2nd week in March- spring breakers start going then… Have a great trip!


The first week of March is probably the least crowded. If you go near the end, then you run into early spring-breakers. Also beware of the Daytona 500 - it seems to bring a crowd to the Central Florida theme parks.


Yeah I thought about Spring Breakers. Our school’s are off in April and I know colleges go sooner. Good points about that and the weather. I know it is cooler up in Orlando than down here in SW FL.

Daytona 500? Wow never thought about that. :blink:


late feb early march next year will be no problem with crowds …but easter next year is early so everything gets pushed back a couple of weeks but early march should be no worries…whether is cooler for most aprt but at that time it might be iffy …for both rain and cooler weather …have fun …I will be there a litlle later