How are the crowds in May?


Looking to plan a trip in mid May next year, I have bee in June July and October, so just wondering how the crowds compare.


We were there last May over Memorial Day weekend and the crowds were surprisingly VERY manageable. I’m sure mid-May would be great.


I think you should be fine in mid-May. School may be ending for some, but it should still be reasonably uncrowded. The weather will be nice, too.


Just had friends get back from a trip last week. They said crowds were great and they were able to do pretty much everything without much hassle.


Just want to mention, there are MANY school trips to Disney in May. We never heard about that, but definitely noticed while we were there. Actually, I thought it was very enlightening, watching all these high school kids have a great time, laughing a lot and behaving. But, you could notice it at quick services with 25 kids getting in line all at once.


Sounds like a good time to go! Thanks for the input. Are the Star Wars weekends packed?


On a scale of 1-10, I would say May for me for work trips have been a 5. I have seen the parks pretty darn manageable. You can use the fast passes pretty well and get through everything.

Oh, and the weekends, packed! I was there on a Star Wars Weekend and it was packed at HS. The rest of the parks though, not so bad.


If you can come out towards the beginning of may it is a very quite time since it is just after spring break and just before the summer


May is our favorite month! We have taken two trips in May and many of the rides were walk ons. The longest wait we encountered was 45 minutes for Soaring. The weather is perfect as well. The temps average in the 80’s and it only rained once for about 10 minutes. We LOVE May!


My favorite times are early Dec and mid-January. Early May is next in line. You’ll love it


Before our oldest DD started school, we always went the week heading into Memorial Day weekend, because it was great there, not crowded at all. I think we will have to pull her out of school and do that again sometime.


I had perfect crowd conditions and was there from 5/15 - 5/21. There were tons of people, but low wait times for most attractions if you do the mornings. I would suggest the first week of May if it’s possible as it’s even less crowded then my week.