How are the crowds this week?


We are headed to WDW this Thursday. I am going to try and get out of work early so we can get to Orlando by dinner time (we are 3 hours south of Orlando). Just wondering how the crowds are this week? Not sure what we are doing Thursday night, but the plan is to hit MK on Friday, Epcot on Saturday and Hollywood Studios on Sunday. I am sure we will do some park hopping over the three days.


busier than they have been. i came home on Sunday, and I was surprised at how busy it was the whole time I was there… Not too bad for lines though= at least not horrible.


hanwill… we must have been at different parks, because we felt the whole place was empty this past week! How weird is that? Weird and cool. Hmmm. We should compare itineraries and see if we can find a scientific explanation.

The usual attractions had 50-60 minute standby waits, like Soarin’, Toy Story Mania, etc… but for us, everything else was wide open.


well, they must have been following me around, but I gave out no autographs… :slight_smile: I am used to going this time of year, and have always planned my days to avoid the EMH park of the day, or what is predicted to be popular for that day… And darn it, if everyone else wasn’t following us around…

I just think that it was busier than normal for this time of year, but it was definitely manageable… Lots of teenagers in packs towards the end of the week… but mostly well behaved. I thought that compared to other times we have been in March, there were longer wait times than normal… not crazy, but just not 10 minutes for most rides…


Spring Break has SPRUNG! And with today being the opening day of Phase 1 of Fantasyland, the rest of this week is going to be rocking at ALL the parks, ESPECIALLY MK. Plan your agenda for busy crowds!