How are the Fish and Chips at Rose and Crown?


It is time to start finalizing our plans and saving up to make sure we have enough money to pay for everything we want to do while we are at Disney. My question is this: How is the Fish and CHips at Rose and Crown, and how many pieces of fish do you get with the meal? I know that if you order from the R&C Pub or Yorkshire County Fish SHop, you get 2 pieces of fish and it is only 6.49. I am trying to figure out if we can share a dinner order of Fish and Chips from the restaurant and SH get full or if we eed to each order our own. Thanks for any help with this question. :mickey:


I can vouch that the fish & chips there are very good.
I’m not much of a fish eater, but my family has to stop there every trip, they love it.

I don’t know exactly how much food you get, but from what I remember it’s not a real lot for sharing.


The Fish & Chips at R & C are good. I do not think that there would be enough there for 2 people to share though.


Love the fish & chips at R&C. It is a pretty big piece of fish…for me anyhow. If it were me, I’d order one of their fabulous appetizers and the fish and chips dinner and split both.

The appetizers there are quite large and wonderful.


My husband loves the fish and chips. He will be getting them again in December!


IMHO the fish and chips at Raglan Road, the new Irish pub/restaurant at Downtown Disney, is much better than the Rose & Crown’s version – and a nickel cheaper as well.


They are so good at R&C! I don’t think there would be enough to share. Enjoy!!


The fish & chips are GREAT!!! You get 2 really big pieces of fish. if I remember right it was on a big oval plate and the fish was almost from one edge to the other… I might be exaggerating in my mind, but I do remember them being a lot bigger than I expected. You get chips too of course and some peas. I didn’t quite finish it all, but I don’t think there would be enough for 2 to share.


Thanks everyone! I think we will just order our own and of course a dessert too…