How are the Mosquitoes in FL lately?


Are they getting a lot of those blood sucking mosquitoes at Disney lately? I can deal with mostly any other pest, but I really dislike mosquitoes. Do they spray on Disney property to keep those pests at a minimum?

Second question- what do you use to prevent you and your kids from becoming a meal for those skeeters? We just ordered a Deet-free, Paba-free bug repellent lotion with SPF 30 from Avon. Anyone ever use that?

Thanks for your thoughts.


Well, I don’t have an answer for your first question, but about the second, the only thing that will protect you IS DEET, I know this as a biologist and physician, lotions without it simply are not effective. It’s not as harmful as some people think, just don’t overdose on it, as a matter of fact, I recommend lotions with a high DEET content is you are in areas where there’s a lot of mosquitos, specially at dusk, when they go looking for a blood meal. By the way, the lotion with the highest DEET content I ever bought was in an ecological park!


I haven’t been since October, so I can’t answer your question, sorry!!! I just wanted to say that my family has NEVER had problems with mosquitos while at WDW! DH is a MOSQUITO MAGNET, and even he has no problems in Orlando. Not sure why this is, but he gets eaten alive much more here, at home. :wink:


We just got back yesterday and didn’t notice any mosquitoes the whole time we were there. I sat out by the quiet pool while Nathan swam one night and didn’t have a problem. There is a large pond/lake in the center of SSR so if there were any mosquitoes I’m guessing we would have seen them at the quiet pool right next to the pond/lake.


My best friend is that way, she gets eatten alive all the time and the rest of us are left alone. She never has trouble at WDW either.


Those are encouraging responses. Thanks. Mosquitoes love my blood! You know, I heard that people with high cholesterol attract mosquitoes more so. Maybe now that I’m cholesterol lowering pills they won’t like my blood as much.

So you think the Deet-free Avon stuff won’t work?

This is what they advertised:
“SKIN SO SOFT BUG GUARD PLUS IR3535® Insect Repellent Moisturizing Sunblock Lotion - Cool 'n Fabulous™ SPF 30
Take cover. Sunblock and insect repellent combo moisturizes and protects skin from harmful rays, as well as shoos insects such as mosquitoes and ticks that may transmit West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease. Available in regular lotion or disappearing blue color that makes it fun for kids, and ensures you won’t miss any spots. With a fun fruity scent kids will love! Pediatrician and dermatologist-tested. DEET-Free. PABA-Free. Very water-resistant, sweat-resistant. SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection.”

Hope they guarantee their advertising and product, and it works, or I’ll be sending a consumer dissatisfaction letter requesting a full refund.


It will repel a few mosquitos, but there will be some that will get you, the more DEET, the less chance of this happening. So, if you are in an area with a lot of mosquitos, chances are you’ll be bitten at least once or twice.


I haven’t even heard a mosquito here. I work outside everynight and no problems! You should be fine!


A friend of mine who used to be a cast member told me that they fumigate WDW at night. I’ve never noticed mosquitos at Disney, but I did in Orlando.


We have only had a problem once and that was waiting in line for the Luau. Otherwise we have never seen mosquitoes.


This sounds promising. You know, when we were up early a few times last year waiting at the CBR bus stop, we saw some small trucks with what looked like chemical containers on the backs and hoses. Maybe that’s what they were doing- spraying to keep the mosquitoes away.

Someone told me when it’s dry in FL over the winter the mosquito problem is not bad at all. It’s when they get a lot of rain in the winter that will cause a high population of those nasty blood suckers in the spring and summer.

I’ll just hope the the best. I don’t want welts all over my arms and legs, especially while wearing shorts on my vacatation.


Hey, I live in South Louisiana which is along with the rest of the gulf coast a mosquito magnet. Our levels of mosquitos come and go and West Nile has definitely become an issue here.

Having said that, I have never even seen, let alone been bit by, a mosquito at WDW in several trips. I don’t know their spraying frequency, but it must be significant compared to where I live and most of the rest of the gulf coast. I think WDW knows that mosquito bites equals disaster for them.


I’m pretty sure they fumigate every night. They don’t want their guest being annoyed with bug bites. It just wouldn’t be magical.


It sounds like you know about it, is it true that you can overdose on it if you don’t bathe before reapplying? That is what I’ve heard, especially with children.


The only time I ever noticed mosquitos was at Fantasmic at night in the summertime. I always carry spray but have never needed it other than that time. But it is at night around the water with like a billion people all smashed together. Kind of hard to avoid them under those circumstances.

Otherwise, I think Disney does an exemplary job at fighting them off.