How are the prferred rooms at ASM?


We chose to get a preferred room at ASM when we go in Sept. Has anyone done this and was it a good choice to pay the extra $$ for it? What about the lines at the buses? We usually leave early in the morning to go to the parks, and come back around lunch for a nap or swim, then go back in the evening. This is a short trip and I don’t want to spend the majority of it waiting for a bus. Thanks for any tips. First time at ASM.


Sorry, I put this under the wrong topic…


I believe the only difference is you are closer to the food court.


you are just closer to the main of things…the rooms are the exact same otherwise. I would get one just to be close…it’s only $10 a night.


music or movies?


We stayed at Music last year in a prefered room…it was great close to the main building…isnt the pool in Music under construction?


I am sorry, it is All Star Movies. I have done Pop, POFQ, CBR. Our fav is POFQ hands down. Maybe next summer we can book a longer vacation and stay there.