How are the resorts in October?


We are planning a family trip for the weekend of October 20th. Is that a busy time at WDW or is it not too bad? Also, are there room discounts for October usually? The WDW website only has discounts listed through 09/30. We are Florida residents so we are hoping to get a discounted room at POFQ.

Thanks in advance!!! :flowers:


I’ve stayed at the resort in October and it was pretty slow… so I think you should have a lot of down time… until it gets closer to Halloween :biggrin:


You caught a break this year. What was called the Funai Classic golf championship and was the next to last weekend of October starts on November 1 this year with a new name, Children’s Miracle Network Classic presented by Wal-Mart. Most of October is usually value season as well.


I’ll be there in Oct this year too! I’m so excited to go during a slow time! I’ve only gone in the summer months. :slight_smile: I’m also waiting for the Oct discounts to be announced. Nothing yet. I just keep watching MouseSavers. Mousketrips said they should be released in July or Aug so it’s gotta be soon!


Welcome to mousebuzz! october is a great time to go to WDW. Check out mickey’s not so scary halloween party. Great parts and worth the money. AS for discounts, it’s sketchy…sometimes yes, and sometimes no.


We’ll be there in October too. I’m glad to hear the PGA tournament is pushed back this year, that was pretty much the only risk for crowds that I could foresee.

Don’t forget to get tix for the Halloween Party if you haven’t yet.


You’ll love being there in October. It’s starting to cool off a bit and it’s value season. And yes, they do usually have some kind of deal for Florida residents. Welcome to Mousebuszz!!


Welcome to MB… October is a great time. Especially in Epcot, with the food festival…


Thanks everybody! I got our Tickets for MNSSHP yesterday too - yipee!!!


Really nice. Still warm enough for pools but not overly so. Less people generally.


Late September through early November is a nice time to go. The weather is nice (cooling off) and the crowds are generally down.


Several have said it starts cooling off in October. We must have hit a odd week in 2005. It was in the upper 80’s, low 90’s the whole week we were there. Crowds weren’t bad though. Walked on most rides. The Wine and Food Festival at Epcot is fun.


Last October was pretty brutal, heat wise. But generally the temps do start to break towards the end of the month. That means highs in the mid 80s.


October is actually a pretty busy time of the year. Especially with the Food and Wine festival and MNSSHP. Epcot gets very, very, very, very, very, very busy in the Showcase. There are no discounts in October for Florida residents or passholders. That’s why we always plan staying the last weekend of Sept for Food and Wine.