How are the waiting times for the Norway meals?


We are interested in doing a meal at norway. But the only adr we can get on dec 6 is at 3:15. We really wanted later for the dinner menu (but not after 8 pm). So I’m hoping we can check in and have to wait for an hour. How many times have you heard that line.:laugh: It always seemed to have a million people waiting there, so what experience have you had.


I didn’t realize they had food in Norway.


Yeah, it’s that stuff on the table. They put it in front of you hoping you’ll spill your beer and order another.


The fish?

I thought they were swedish fish


We had an ADR around 6:30ish and we waited about 10 minutes…sorry for the disappointment!


We did a breakfast and were seating right after having our picture taken- pretty fast.


Jojo, I totally misunderstood your post. I thought you said you would only take the adr if it was at 3:15. I was confused for a few minutes. I hate getting old.

Come to the MK on the 6th instead and meet up with the Limsy family. :slight_smile: