How bad are the parks around Easter/spring break?


Our trip in May might have to be moved. We are thinking maybe March 20 to March 29. IF we can get DVC rooms, are we crazy to do it? The crowds in the fall and early dec is what we are use to. I wanted to go in the spring for the flower show at epcot.


I know I might be in the minority here - but I kind of like peak times. Other than the higher prices on rooms & some restaurants - I like how the parks are open later, not much is closed for refurbs and there seems to be more buses out. I also think that no matter when I’ve gone, it’s always crowded! Also, since we go so often it’s not a huge priority to fit everything in. If the crowds are starting to get to us we leave and go back at night.

The only thing I will say about a peak week is it’s all that more important to book dining ahead of time.

I may change my mind on this after we go for Easter week - but we went Thanksgiving week one year and it wasn’t bad.

Also - the weather in end of March early April should be great! We went mid May this year and it was 90 every day!!


Although we’ve only gone in peak time, the crowds didn’t bother us. As our family trips are always in either march or April, I don’t even know what offpeak crowds look like,lol. Use fps, take the crowds as they are (other happy families on their trip too) and have tons of fun.


No doubt about it - it will be very crowded…I’m on the other side of the coin. We went once at Christmas and never again - although everything is open late and there is lots going on, it didn’t make up for the sheer mass of people in the Parks. It became a job instead of a holiday just to maneuver around. That said, everyone is different. If you could somehow change those dates to the first week of March… perfect time at WDW.


I actually like peak time too. I enjoy the energy of being with a crowd of people who are experiencing the magic. The only thing I would say is that you need to have a touring plan if you want to get on everything. Also, check Disney World | Disneyland - Vacation Planning Tools for crowd calenders before you go so that you’re aware of potential waits for different attractions. Sometimes just knowing that I will be waiting helps with impatience and allows me to focus on the atmosphere of each attraction.


I love crowds, but only because I want a full house to perform to :tongue:

No doubt about it, that time is the 2nd busiest time of the year. So be prepared if you do come.


We’ve been for a day or two during Easter week and didn’t find it to be too bad. We usually go in with a game plan and utilize the fast pass. We seem to see and do everything that we plan out with no problems. It’s VERY important to make your dining reservations as soon as you can, we’ve seen countless # of people turned away because they didn’t have a reservation.


We went the week leading up to Easter a couple of years ago. Touring Plans had three days at 10’s and the rest at 9’s, so I was prepared for the worst, but it really didn’t seem as bad as I thought it would be. Definitely make sure you have park hoppers. I’ve used this example in the past that when pulling up to MK on the monorail, it was WAY too crowded, so we ended up heading to Ft. Wilderness to see the horses and then over to Epcot. Epcot was great, not crowded at all. MK on the other hand I heard closed its doors for a while because of hitting the max. Seemed to me the entire trip though more people hanging in the walkways and less people in lines. It was kind of weird in that sense.

Hey!!! I just noticed I’m single digit dancing!


This year we went during “Spring Break” time where the UGWDW showed that the days were 9/10 or 10/10. This was our first time going during a peak time but the crowds were easy to manage. But please remember Easter was further off in April (we went March 17-21). I think since you are such a good Disney planner you will be fine.


We went last year the week before Easter and it was indeed very crowded. However we had absolutely gorgeous weather (we had one thunderstorm the whole week). I would say that if you can get yourself up and to the parks early (not even necessarily FOR rope drop, but by 10:00 am or so) you will be able to do most of what you want to do.

I was traveling with a large group and tried and failed to get all 15 of us out of the resort early every morning. I’d be watching my Lines app on my phone as the waits grew from 10 minutes to 15 to 25 to 40 minutes while we were still all waiting on someone to run back for one last thing. I wanted to scream! :laugh:

Even still, with careful use of fastpass, we were able to see A LOT. So I imagine if you can get yourself there earlier than we did, you’d be able to see everything.

Also, we never had any bus issues at all. I think one of the benefits of being there in the busy season is that they run more buses.


I have done WDW on Easter and honestly wouldn’t do it again. That being said, when I went at Easter, I was not as WDW educated as I am now. I would have been there for rope drops and utilized EMH in the morning and probally avoided most of my headabhes. I think heavy crowds in the parks means you really just have to use smart touring. It’s do-able I am sure, but I really wouldn’t go at that time unless I had no other choice.


During the course of one yr, we are planning to take 3 trips ( we do the “get AP, take trips, skip yr or so” plan), so if we miss some rides or whatever, it will be ok. But if it’s so crowded, we can’t see the flower show displays, I’ll be unhappy. That’s the main reason for the spring trip.


Don’t connect Easter to crowds. Easter is not like Christmas or the 4th of July as it is a different time every year. This year we too may have to change our May vacation to April because of a work commitment. If Easter is early like this year (the 8th) most school system will not tie the vacation to it because it is too close to the February break. We don’t have kids but checked with our friends and their school system is out starting the 14th. On some years when Easter is a bit later schools will split the time. Some will close up to Easter and some will close after. I went to WDW on one of those years and it was crowded but not unmanageable. Like some of the other posters said, the parks are open later. This is true but getting ADRs can be a challenge when it is busy.

I would think spring break may be more of an issue in March as college kids do like to go to WDW. We went one year around St. Patrick’s day and it was not that busy. My only complaint was it got a bit too cold the last 3 days. I like it hot when I am in Florida and it got cold enough that swimming was out of the question.


I have been there during Spring Break and it is packed! Ride times are really long for the big rides, it all comes down to personal preference, I prefer the Fall.


We were there Easter Sunday and the week after in 2010. We stayed at Pop and we didn’t find it to be any worse than the summer. However, we were at rope drop every morning and got so much done before lunch. Around lunch time yes it was PACKED but we had done so much already that we didn’t notice. We went back to the room around lunch and then back in the evenings.


We did Spring Break and found it busier than Thanksgiving week by a long shot. Everything was doable - it just took a little more planning and some early mornings - which we prefer any! And like above - book those ADR’s as early as possible.


We went this past Spring Break to take advantage of our AP’s that we bought at Christmas, and I felt as though the crowds were actually worse than the Christmas crowds. All of the flowers were beautiful and I am glad that we went to experience it, but I was not as prepared for the crowds. I guess I was shcoced because I thought we go during the busiest time of the year and are fine, so this won’t be any different. Our wait times were worse for Spring Break than they are during our Christmas trips. Of course, it could have been a fluke, who knows…


If we went, we picked March 18 - 28. Easter is April 8 in 2012. So we would be home just before Palm Sunday. So it would be awful? (except for Rowdy) I was even thinking maybe the grandkids could come, but it’s one thing for me not going on rides. I’d hate to have to wait 45 min to go on dumbo for each of the 49 trips required.