How bad is it with no sheers on the windows at BLT?


I’m staying in a standard room in a few weeks. I’m a bit concerned with the view. No, not what I look at, but what people may be see looking in.:ohmy::redface: I was thinking of just bringing one panel and using the 3M removable hooks to hang it. I’d like to be able not have the drapes closed all the time if we are staring at another room. Or isn’t it as bad as it seems??


i wouldn’t worry about it… the shades they have there should work alright


I understand your concern. We were on an upper floor so it wasn’t an issue but I would worry a bit if we were on the first floor. I don’t think I would bring a sheer but we would have to make sure we were careful about changing out of view. Other than that I think we would be fine.


I’m not exactly sure where “standard” view rooms are but I’m guessing low floors and on the inside of the C. People make it sound like you can almost watch tv in the room across the way. I was concerned keeping the drapes closed would make the room dark. Ok so I guess I’m just being goofy, but if anyone ask me to change the channel…:eek:


The standard rooms are on the lower floors from what I can tell.

I kept my drapes shut because Boss Mouse was in the room across from me and he likes to keep his open… :eek:

Here’s a link to an unofficial chart: Mapping out BLT! map updated 10/14 - The DVC Boards at - the place to talk DVC and Walt Disney World

Really shouldn’t be a problem with anything other than the 1st floor unless you are standing naked at the windows.



Really shouldn’t be a problem with anything other than the 1st floor unless you are standing naked at the windows.[/QUOTE]

Well, that would be a great opening for a trip report…:blush::blush:


Is it really that easy to see into a room that is across the way, or C, of the BLT? That is a little creepy! haha I would the curtains shut!


I don’t know for sure, but I’ve read TRs that said “what was disney thinking with no sheers” . I just wanted to be prepared.

Just as a reminder, I always carry a few clothes pins for hanging a wet swimsuit in the bathroom or keeping the drapes closed.


I had similar thoughts on the trips we’ve had to BLT… I’m sure the monorail riders got a strange view when my boys were changing…


You can always just leave the lights off at all times… LOL!


I am sure that Disney has had this question before… I wonder what they were thinking!I am a designer, and this does not make sense, unless you have one way glass…


We were on the 5th floor, MK view close to the catwalk connecting BLT to the Contemporary. Every single person who walked on that catwalk looked at us when we would sit on the balcony. So, was extra careful when changing in the room that the drapes were pulled.


We ended up on the outside of the C, facing some trees and to the right of the tennis courts. So I thought no worries. While I’m sitting at the little table in my room, a young boy (7ish) ever so slightly leaning over the rail next door and turns his head and stares right at me. :ohmy: We made sure we closed the drapes after that. :glare: Until that happened, I didn’t realize the partition didn’t go all the way to the rail.


the sheer doesn’t weigh much bring it just in case …


That’s what we did. I was really to attach the sheers to the drapes with clips. The rod is about 8 ft high and I wasn’t going to try to climb on top of furniture. :ohmy:

We didn’t think it was that big of a deal to close the drapes for a few min in the morning and evening. Really no difference than at AKV, where they TELL you to be careful because of the cameras.


At POR…many years ago the blinds needed to closed because of the placement of the sinks …they now havea dded drapes to sink area for more privacy