How busy is December?


I am going to be in WDW 12/9 - 12/16. Can anyone tell me what kind of crowd levels I can expect?


That’s actually a great time to come. You’ll beat the crowds by a few days! But by the 20th on every single room at every single resort is taken and their are hundreds of thousands of guests everywhere. But PLEASE GUYS don’t let the thoughts of crowds scare you all away. Christmas time at WDW is unbelievable and if you’re going to let a little tiny annoyance like crowds ruin your vacation then you need to stay home.


The first half of December is one of my favorite times to go. We’re going back this year at the same time!


thanks for the info


YOu will L:heart: VE it!!! The crowds are pretty light and EVERYTHING is decorated for the holidays!!! Plus, the weather is pretty great, too!!! If you have never been before, I suggest going to MICKEY’S VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS PARTY (MVMCP). It’s on select nights in Nov and Dec from 7pm-12m. I’ve been twice, so I am skipping this year. But it is AMAZING!!! You have to pay a separate admission for it, but the park is only open to guests with the special ticket. The waits are practically NON-EXISTENT and they have special parades, shows, fireworks…and don’t forget about the FREE hot chocolate and butter cookies ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Oh,and you also get a FREE family portrait for everyone in your party!!! It is SO MUCH FUN! If you do this, I suggest getting a dinner ADR for around 4:30ish…this way, you DON’T have to use a day on your MYW ticket, you can ONLY use your MVMCP ticket and enter the park at about 4. Eat dinner, and then enjoy the festivities all night long! YOU’LL HAVE A BLAST!!!


We went the days following Thanksgiving and into the first week of December. It was great! It was not very busy and it wasn’t too hot or too cold. We had a blast! :cool:


You will enjoy it then. It will start to get crowded towards the end of your trip, but not too bad. Last year, we were there from 12-10 through 1-6. We started noticing the crowds the weekend before Christmas. I believe it was around the 17th, but I could be mistaken. I think you will be there during a perfect time. If you can, you really should go to MVMCP while you are there. It will be less crowded if you go during the week towards the beginning of your trip. The Christmas decorations are beautiful too.


We were there from the 16th to 6th (3 weeks) Week 1 was great a few crowds nothing too bad, week 2 (christmas week) was mad mad mad and then week 3 was great with little or no crowds after the 2nd or 3rd.

Christmas is a great time to go, there is so much to see and do!


Chris that is a great time to go. You might not get that lovely pool-hot waeather (but you might!), but the crowds should be comfortable… and the decorations will be up!


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thank you all. i went last year to the MNSSHP, and we had a blast. i know the christmas party will be just as much fun.

now i am really lookign forward to going. thanks again for the great info…