How busy is MK on late EMH


Next week when we go MK EMH are 11pm -2am. The latest I’ve been is when it’s open till midnight. I was thinking of going around 11 or 11:30. How busy is it when it’s open that late?


We went to the EMH in march of 09. I found the crowds light though we mainly stayed in the fantasy land part. We were there until 3am I must say that was very weird stay there and just catching the last boat.
It may be busier in May due to the hot afternoons but you should still find the crowds easy deal with. Expect the long lines at the places that had them during the day but it does die down fast.
If it is a Sunday that you are staying for the EMH they may tag on an extra hour to the park and then you get to play like we did until 3am. You can find this out by stopping in at the City Hall area.


It depends, but usually by the last hour, most everything has become a walk on.
Even Peter Pan is down to only a 15 minute wait.


Like Soundgod said…The last hour is so nice. I seems like you have the park to yourself and all the main attractions are walk ons.


Thanks…thats what I am hoping for.


I’m curious as to why they are staying open so late. I thought those kind of hours were used only during busy times, like when we went the week before Easter, MK was open until 3am. Is May looking that crowded?


I enjoy EMH in the evening. We usually get up early in the morning and go to a park, then around lunch time we head back to the resort for a nap and swim and relax during the heat of the day. Then when the evening rolls around we mosey back to the parks. They are also having these hours due to their new promotion Summer Nightastic. It works for our family.


I was surprised to see it’s open that late. We usually go this week in May and they close the latest 10.


EMH at MK until 3am when we were there in Sept 08 and it was honestly one of our best memories of the trip.

By about 1230am, the park started to clear (although it was never THAT busy anyway), even our friends that were traveling with us left, and we enjoyed the evening until 3am.

We walked on to everything. Rode Buzz and Space Mountain like we owned it! :cool:

Most of tomorrowland was deserted, and when we walked out onto Main Street to leave the park, there were maybe 50 people walking out with us… the park was ours… :wub:


WE LOVE EVENING EMH AT MK!!! In a week’s time WDW usually has 2 MK evening EMH’s - we hit BOTH of them. We have gone during the MOST crowded seasons and the evening EMH at MK has allowed us to ride and do everything we wanted several times each trip.
I have a 9 yr old and 5 yr old and soon to be 2 yr old. We simply go until the 2 older ones cant go anymore which out of 4 evening EMH has only been once (we left 30 minutes early…2:30am). Just don’t plan anything for the following morning. We had a breakfast scheduled 2 out of the 4 times…we made the 1st one, and we were WIPED out…ditched the second one completely.
SO DO IT!!! ENJOY IT!!! and dont plan anything for the next morning.


My plan for the next morning is to sleep. :biggrin:


it depends on the day, it is usually better than during the day time


It was the busy March Break time when we went so they may had done that do to how crowded it was. Sundays are crowded in May…well I think any weekend is crazy there. Monday the parks were very quit though. The extra hour was not put down on the info sheet about the hours of the park. May I just say that it is really strange to be in the park that late with barely anyone around you even workers and it is really dark.


I see MK is closing at 5 pm Sunday…maybe that’s why it’s later Monday? The other late EMH for the month are on Sundays.


the crowds dwindle the later on it gets…most little ones won’t make it untl 2am and the ones that do, you won’t want there…lol


We’re looking forward to spending a late night over at MK on Monday (into Tuesday;-). I can’t beleive they keep the park open so late that day…


You’ve never been there around Christmas when the park can be open as late as 3 AM.

On the other hand, what’s up with MK closing Sunday May 16 at 5 PM?!?!:nuke: