How busy is the parade route for MNSSHP?


How soon prior to the parade do we need to line up for it? Don’t they do it twice? Is it better to go to the first or the second?

We are looking so forward to MNSSHP, and I am so nervous that we are going to miss something!


I believe the second is less crowded, but we did the first last year because we didn’t want the kids to get tired and miss it. We staked out a great spot right in Frontierland and made friends with the girl handling crowd control. We told her we got our spot early(about 1 hour) so we could be front row and the kids could see well. People were trying to crown in and shove their kids in front of ours. She helped to keep anyone from pushing in font of us so DH didn’t have to start a fight. I would say get there early and find a spot. The headless horseman comes prior to the parade and you do not want to miss him.

They only thing I regret about MNSSHP is that we trick or treated. It really was a waist of time and the candy is not that great to warrant the time spent. Also, the crowds for trick or treating are more like mobs and the people act as if they have never seen a piece of candy. Picture a group of monkeys on a cupcake and you have it. Hit the parade, the unusual characters and the Haunted Mansion and you will love it.


We had alot of pushing and shoving in front of us too and its so unfair when you have waited. However, our crowd was quite verbal and the offenders quickly moved on. The parade though is well worth waiting for, and the headless horseman is really great.


Love the parade! I have always attended the later one and the route is always jammed full of people. But if you have never seen it you cannot miss it!


If you opt for the later parade, is it hard to find a place to watch the fireworks show? I’m thinking it would be fun to watch the fireworks and the parade from Mainstreet. What is the best plan of action? We are going to the first night of MNSSHP on the 13th but I am still thinking it will be pretty busy on Mainstreet.


We had a spot on Main Street but Dixie is correct there was a lot of pushing and shoving and a lot of adults that came last minute trying to push their way to the front so they had a better spot pushing children out of the way, our crowd was quite verbal also, (I guess since you are all waiting together people start talking and making friends) it just seemed that everyone that waited together stuck together and we got rid of the intruders. The parade is great and the headless horseman shouldn’t be missed!


The parade steps off in Frontierland and ends up finishing at Main Street instead of starting there. Factor that into your plans.