How can I pass up FREE DINING?


This morning I found out that WDW is offering free dining again in August. I was planning a camping trip to Hershey Park this summer, but I don’t think I can pass up this deal!

I checked prices online, and since we have tix left from our last trip (bought the 10 day and used 5), we will only need to buy a 1 day pass to get the dining package. If we stay at Pop Century for 6 nights, it comes to $850!!! The only added expense would be the drive there, and souveneirs!

So, my plan is to spend the week doing mostly water parks and maybe a day or 2 in the parks. We didn’t have time during our last trip to do the water parks and the kids just love them. We have 5 plus options left on our tickets, so we could do TL, BB, and maybe check out Disney Quest too. I’ll let the kids pick which park they would like to visit for 1 or 2 of the days, and hanging at the resort is an option too.

You would not beleive how excited I am that we will be going again!!!

So, any suggestions of restaurants to do that are mainly OUTSIDE of the parks? My must do is O’hana - I just love that place!



There is no way you can pass up free dining…heck with HErsey and plan a WDW trip. Hershey will be there next year.


Just to play devil’s advocate, how much would your trip to HersheyPark be? Most of the people here don’t even know how family friendly that park is.

And at the rate Disney’s going, so will free dining be in the fall of 2007.


I haven’t priced out Hershey yet, so I cannot really compare prices. I’m sure Hershey could be cheaper since we would be camping, and we wouldn’t be going to the park for more than 2 days.

I’ve never been to Hershey, but I just cannot pass up FREE DINING!!!

BTW - What is the average weight gain during a week of FREE DINING?


For outside the parks dining I would look at the Boardwalk area there are all sorts of neat places to eat there. Too many choices to list!


yeah - you can’t pass it up. Our family wasn’t going to make a trip to WDW this year. After the free dining offer came out, it was a no brainer to head back…


What a great plan!!! My out-of-park favorites are 'Ohana, 'Ohana, and, um…, 'Ohana. (I like Cape May Cafe, Boma, and Beaches and Cream, too. I also would love to try Artist Point, California Grill, Hoop Dee Doo, Trail’s End, Spoodles, Wolfgang Puck Cafe, Portobello Yacht Club…)


Raglan Road in Pleasure Island recently opened and it gets good reviews.


Is Raglan Road included in the dining package?? I still have the list from last year before it was open. We are going in Sept and have secured the free dining for our stay. I would love to eat there, the menu on Allears looks fun and tasty!


It is now we have booked it for our upcoming trip! The menu looks yummy:biggrin:


Congrats on your trip! I wish they would do the free dining just once when I could go to WDW.

Spoodles at the boardwalk is very good, we will be trying Ohana’s next month but I hear it is wonderful and an all time favortie of mine has to be Chef Mickey’s! :mickey:


Average weight gain: 14 pounds!!!(I lost 12 of it the next week).


I am sure it’s at minimum 5 pounds :angel:


I was thinking about the free dining. You have no idea that if it will or will not be there next fall. Disney is not usually free for anything. Yes, they did it last Fall too, but as much as they change, I wouldn’t bank on it happening again next year. As for Hershey, I have been there and know how family friendly it is. It’s a great park. It will be there next year guaranteed, free dining? who knows.


I’ve actually LOST weight while eating heavy at Disney. If you don’t eat stuff between meals and get a good workout during the day, that is, walk a lot, maybe do some of the more active activities, you can lose a few pounds. Oh yeah, I forgot the rapid dehydration in the Florida sun.


Go to DISNEY!!!

Hershey can be an option for later!!!


I’ve been doubting myself on my decision to to WDW again so soon. So, today, I tried to price out what Hershey park would cost, and here is what I came up with…

7 nights in a cabin (it has ac and electric, but no indoor plumbing - so kind of like camping in a pop up?) is $595

Park tix for 1 day $151

Tix to hershey museum, and Hershey World - $36

fuel - $100 (that’s a guess, but we figured $350 for the drive to WDW, and Hershey is 1/4 of the way to WDW)

food - That’s where I need help. I figured since we would be camping, we would definitely have bfast at the campground ($150 for a grocery run - we eat well while we are camping!), maybe lunch in the parks ($140 for 7 lunches @ $20 a pop) and maybe 2 sit down dinners ($150). That comes to $440. What do you think - it’s a complete guess, but I need to start somewhere.

That comes to 1322 plus spending money.

Now, let’s do WDW:

7 nights at PC $900, which includes our meals and 1 day in the parks.

fuel - $400 (I’m being generous here)

That comes to $1300 plus spending $.

So, it looks pretty even. It is a bit skewed since we would be using tix for WDW that were purchased during our last trip, but that is not $ we need to come up with. And, we are talking about staying in a real hotel vs. a cabin with no shower or toilet.

Also, if we drive down, we would need more $ for food, and a possible 2 hotel nights if we don’t drive straight thru. But I’m also thinking if I can find a cheap flight, that might be an option. Also, I have 3 free flights on my cc, so I would only have to buy 1 ticket.

I think I feel better about my decision now!

So, should I book thru Mickey here, or thru WDW directly?



After hearing about free dining I changed our ressie from December to September to enjoy the plan for the 2nd year in a row. I have got to tell you though I didn’t gain any weight last year, probably from all of the walking that I did.


Free food is good food! Have a great trip! :cool:


Either way would work, but I would give mickey a shout and see what he can do for you.