How close is the closest Disney Store to your house?


Many of the Disney stores were closed in the last year or two. How far away are you from your closest store?


Well, we have three of them, none of them are five miles to me, but two are all about 15 miles in each direction and the latter is about 25.


mines right up the street. was just there yesterday actually


I’m about 30 minutes away from a Disney Store.


I picked 100 miles but it is really more like 50. It just seems like 100. LOL


The closest Disney Store is many many miles away from me. But on the upside I live about 15-20 miles away from the WDW Welcome Center in Ocala. I can get real Disney World stuff there!


I know there used to be one which was about 100 miles away from me. But I don’t even know if it is still open. I plan to check it out this weekend when I am in the area.


Less than 5 from me. But they have nothing I want. All the good stuff is at WDW.


I voted 20, but it is more like 35 miles away.


Well, funny you should ask! A few months ago, I complained that “my” Disney Store was closing (and it did.) Imagine how surprised I was to find a brand new TDS at the local mall (about 5 miles away from me) when I was there last week. The new store is located a few storefronts away from the old location. However, it bears little resemblance to the old store. It has a warehouse “feel” to it (but the prices are high) and it seems much larger than the old store. I took a quick look around, but I do not see myself spending time or money there. The merchandise was primarily kids’ clothes and toys and the quality didn’t seem especially good. I didn’t even notice any of the “collectibles” (such as water globes, watches, etc.)

I suppose, now that The Children’s Place owns the stores, there will be fewer items available for grownups. I think that I may have to wait 'til I am in FL again to purchase Disney items. No more quick Disney fixes at home. :ohmy:


Snap. Ours is about 28 miles.
Does anybody know if the sale to The Childrens place effected the stores here in the UK or are they still owned by Disney? We used to be able to get tickets for WDW in them but now they only sell tickets to Disneyland Paris.


We’re about the same - I guess it is 100 roundtrip!


I just read about this a few days ago. The Disney Stores in the UK are still owned by Disney. Not sure why they only sell tix to Paris.


I live 22 miles away from the biggest Disney Store,the Magic Kingdom itself!!! I love it! :mickey:


We have one in the next town over, about 5 miles.


We have 2 stores just over 100 miles form us. Neither one is great but I still pop in thinking it may be better this time. I agree with Jeff, the good stuff is at WDW.


We have one about 3 miles away…but I still voted, “Do they still have Disney stores?” It’s not nearly as good as it was. :sad:


5-6 miles…something like that. It’s pretty small but still a disney store. I have another one about 20minutes or so away too.


Ok I picked 5 but it is more like 6.35 miles…


We lost ours about two years ago–i say a little prayer of mourning everytime i see it!