How cool is this house?


I found this Disneyland vacation rental on VRBO. Too cute! I want to stay here!

Anaheim Vacation - House

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Oh my gosh, TOO COOL!


That is a house I could live in…I need to talk to their contractor…lol


Wow I didn’t expect that when I clicked on the link! Very cool!


I love it. My kinda house. Wish, you go look at it while there next week, k?


How cute! It would be fun to stay in a house like that, it would really add to a Disney trip.


Wow I love that!! Ive never seen such a well themed vacation home! I’d definalty decorate my own like that if I had one!


Fun! What great themeing.


So Cool! I would love to stay there if we ever get to DL. I doubt I could talk DH into it though at that rate.

Thanks for sharing!


Love the house. Thanks for posting the links.


I want that to BE MY HOUSE:laugh:


That is so well done. What a terrific job of Disney-esque theming without causing any copyright issues!


maybe when we start remodeling our kitchen i can convince DH to ‘do it disney’!!!
doubt it but its a good dream…


Hehe, I would so love that :D! Amazing, thanks for posting.

  • Justin


That house is way cool! This will be a fun link to pass around to my fellow Disney-loving friends… thanks for sharing!


The house is nice but the pricing is way too high. Much nicer homes are going much cheaper right now.


Very cool house…but I agree $550 is a bit much per night. Even with 2 families, it’s still a pretty penny. Love the rooms though…!!! Thanks for posting


That is just adorable!!


I already have the black and tan mickey mouse bedding… now all I need is THE REST OF THE HOUSE. Heheeheeeee! Thanks for posting that link, loved the pix!


That house is great! Good find. I’d like to stay there too!:laugh: